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XCMG intelligent environmental protection mixing plant settled in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is an international metropolis positioned by the State Council. It is one of the three national gateway cities of comprehensive acceleration signal-to-noise ratio and total root mean square value ratio of in band and out of band acceleration, and one of the five national central cities. It is called "Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou" together with Beijing and Shanghai. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Guangzhou became the only major foreign trade port in China and the most important port in the history of China's Maritime Silk Road. It is known as the "Millennium commercial capital". Coupled with a large number of foreigners, it is also known as "the third largest capital in the world"

XCMG schweiying mixing plant

recently, three large intelligent environmental protection hls270k mixing plants were successfully accepted and delivered to customers, which marks a new step in the personalized customization of XCMG schweiying mixing plant. In the process of installation and commissioning, hls270k mixing plant has been highly recognized by customers with high quality and high stability

high efficiency and more environmental protection

hls270k is a newly developed high-efficiency intelligent mixing plant, which has the advantages of small floor area, high production efficiency and high degree of automation

Product Positioning: high efficiency and more environmental protection

the product design greatly increases the bulk density of materials: in accordance with the product concept of "leading technology and indestructible use", the advanced technology of German schweiying is integrated in the mixing host, metering system and electric control system

XCMG intelligent environmental protection mixing plant settled in Guangzhou

the latest mixing host equipped for the project adopts new processes and materials, the overall boring processing technology, the transmission system is more energy-saving, the service life of wear-resistant parts with differentiated design is longer, the effect of "floating seal" which has been patented by the state is better, and the feeding skills verified by a large number of tests completely achieve the effect of no longer holding the shaft

the metering system adopts a new generation of flow stability control technology. The structural design breaks through the impact of material flow symmetry and eliminates the influence of positive and negative air pressure. It can automatically switch to slow unloading technology at the end of feeding, and the metering fluctuation of admixture can be controlled within 20g

the operation of the control system is more humanized, the GUI is more concise and safe, and there is a "black box" monitoring function, which can record every operation detail for later data statistics and problem tracing

XCMG Shi Weiying always adheres to the customer-centered service concept, demands himself with high standards, continues to meet the customized needs of customers, and strives to create a complete set of concrete machinery solutions with maximum benefits for customers. (this article is from XCMG)

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