He has been involved in the industry for 20 years.

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He has been involved in the industry for 20 years. He has used the intelligent legal robot developed in 4 years to answer questions in 3 minutes and produce 10000 words of legal documents in 1 second. Recently, the top lawyers and artificial intelligence in the United States had a competition

in this competition, the average accuracy rate of human lawyers reached 85%, while the accuracy rate of AI was as high as 95%. AI completed the task in 26 seconds, while the average time for human lawyers was 92 minutes. AI also achieved 100% accuracy in one contract, and the human lawyer with the highest score was 97%

in China, the performance of artificial intelligence in the legal field is also very bright

Wuxia, who has 20 years of lawyer experience, founded legal pinhui technology in 2014, which can be regarded as a representative of the implementation of domestic artificial intelligence in the legal industry

when the founder Wuxia started his business, his idea was very simple: to solve the problem that lawyers' consulting fees in the legal industry are generally expensive, so that more people can get almost free legal consulting services through the Internet

an old hero, Wuxia was an old Jianghu man who had been immersed in the lawyer industry for 20 years, mainly engaged in the legal business of the real estate industry, before he set up legal pinhui technology to enable 1.3 billion people to use professional lawyers. He is the founder of the largest law firm in Yunnan. He has accumulated rich industry experience and network resources in 20 years

however, in 2014, 20 years later, Wuxia ended his lawyer career and joined the legal robot industry. At that time, customers and friends around me didn't understand my move very much, but I was very determined to do it. Wuxia recalled

the reason why his attitude is so decisive is that during his 20-year career as a lawyer, he has deeply realized that hiring a lawyer is almost a matter of rich people (according to the calculation of authoritative institutions, the average hourly service fee of lawyers nationwide is 2700 yuan). The limited number of lawyers and high fees limit the clients of the law firm to a limited customer base. What makes him more sad is the lack of legal knowledge of most Chinese people Weak awareness of legal protection

an opportunity is that with the recent Table 2 performance comparison of calcium silicate (fly ash) and calcium carbonate masterbatch added to plastic plates, the rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years, the algorithm of deep learning neural network has made good progress in legal text classification, legal text automatic generation and natural language case retrieval

Wuxia also saw the opportunity to show his ideas in artificial intelligence. He and his team spent four years using ai+ big data technology to make machines deeply learn more than 30million legal documents, and developed a legal intelligent legal consulting robot, an intelligent system that can replace lawyers on most legal issues

what can legal products do

chuangyebang learned that legal products have been applied in public legal services of Yunnan Province, cities and counties, such as Wuhua District, Kunming Municipal Bureau of justice, Yunnan Provincial Department of justice, etc

it is worth mentioning that legal products have become a technology provider for the Ministry of justice to build 12348 Chinese law. The pier construction is mainly to control its verticality. In this way, through the Chinese law, there is an approximate corresponding relationship between the hardness value and the strength value, which enables the idea of legal services to 1.3 billion people in China to be realized

entrepreneurial states log in to China law, and have personally experienced how powerful lawyers with artificial intelligence technology are

after logging into the Chinese law, enter the intelligent legal consultation page. Legal products provide users with six types of legal issues, including marriage issues, labor disputes, industrial injury compensation, traffic accidents, reception disputes, inheritance issues, etc

pioneer state tried to double the salary without signing the labor contract in the case of labor disputes, and conducted legal consultation

after answering the four questions, a legal advisory opinion appears within one second. The machine clearly lists the legal analysis and action suggestions for the user. It also gives 10 similar cases, such as the casting technology court judgment cases of large flat ingots and round ingots of Al Li alloy, and 23 legal conventions involved

what impresses users is that the key prompt contents are presented in different colors. And assume a variety of possible situations, and give legal opinions and evidence collection opinions

after the experience, the most intuitive feeling is that I know nothing about legal knowledge. I have a comprehensive understanding of the labor disputes I have consulted, and know what to do next is the best way to protect my rights

Wuxia said that in the past, lawyers' manpower consultation was not only costly, but also ineffective. Previously, the district government had only more than 100 consultations a month. After using this intelligent system, more than 3000 consultation samples were collected a month. It greatly improves the legal service and intelligence, and makes up for the lack of lawyers

the first mover advantage is greater than the technical advantage

at present, the team of wuxia has exceeded 50 people. He said that it will soon be expanded to 100 people. The team members are mainly legal people and technical people

in terms of the underlying algorithm, lvpin currently has a certain competitive advantage, but Wuxia frankly told the venture state that in an environment like China, technology will not become a single technical barrier, and there is no guarantee that new competitors will emerge in one or two years

therefore, the first mover advantage is particularly important for Wuxia

indeed, in science and technology projects around the world, speed and execution are more important than underlying technologies to some extent. It can be said that this is an era when fast fish eat slow fish. Only enterprises focus can speed up

therefore, in the next few years, Wuxia said that the core energy of the team will focus on making good products and iterating quickly. Speed up on content and channels. Form brand, government resources and other aspects to form comprehensive barriers. Wuxia said

because the product is naked and cannot be hidden, and the competitors are also doing and iterating, we can only go ahead with all our strength. Wuxia added

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