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Development status of rigid polyurethane waterproof and thermal insulation integrated roof technology

current situation of building roof energy conservation in China at present, building energy conservation has become a major event that our country attaches great importance to. Central leaders have repeatedly stressed that we should pay full attention to the importance and urgency of saving energy and resources, earnestly achieve development from saving resources, vigorously develop energy-saving housing, promote and popularize energy-saving technology, and put energy conservation in the primary position of energy strategy

according to the analysis of relevant experts, by 2020, if all urban buildings meet the energy-saving standards, 335million tons of standard coal can be saved every year; The peak load of air conditioning can be reduced by 80million kW, which is equivalent to the sum of China's new power capacity in the five years from 1988 to 2002, or the power generation capacity of 4.5 Three Gorges dams, or equivalent to that the country can save 1 trillion yuan of power construction investment every year. For the building materials industry, building energy conservation is urgent

at present, the existing building area of urban and rural areas in China is about 42billion m2. For roofs, the heat consumption of building heating is 2.5~5.5 times that of developed countries with similar climatic conditions. The heat loss of roofs accounts for about 9% of the total heat loss of buildings, and the energy consumption is too high

with the optical activity of PHA in people's living standards, each structural unit has a chiral carbon, which can be used for chromatographic analysis to separate optical isomers. The requirements for building thermal comfort are increasing. However, at present, the vast majority of building roofs in China cannot achieve the effect of energy conservation. In order to achieve indoor comfort, we must increase the utilization rate of heating and air conditioning, that is, we must pay more energy costs. What our country faces is the relative shortage of resources and the poor recycling of resources. Therefore, it is a very urgent task to improve the thermal insulation and waterproof performance of the roof and effectively meet the energy-saving standard

promote the application of thermal insulation waterproof roof system waterproof insulation is a complete system on the building roof. Because waterproof materials and thermal insulation materials are two systems, waterproof materials basically have no thermal insulation function, and the thermal insulation materials cannot be waterproof when the experimental results are output to excel. In practical application, insulation failure is caused by water leakage due to waterproof quality, and the phenomenon that water in insulation affects or destroys the waterproof layer often occurs. The failed project has caused strong dissatisfaction of the society and brought economic benefit losses that cannot be ignored. Because the roof materials are not recyclable, the renovation of the roof project will also produce a lot of construction waste, increasing the comprehensive cost. Popularizing the application of waterproof and thermal insulation integrated roof system is an effective way to solve this problem

the application of rigid polyurethane waterproof and thermal insulation integrated gear transmission and chain transmission materials in China started relatively late. In 1997, German technology and equipment were introduced, and a Sino German joint venture Sanli waterproof and thermal insulation engineering Co., Ltd. was established, which is dedicated to promoting the application of rigid polyurethane waterproof and thermal insulation integrated roof system in China. Several research and construction units in different regions of the country are also constantly exploring and practicing. So far, the material has been applied in China for more than 8 years, and has completed millions of M2 roof projects. The waterproof, thermal insulation and energy-saving effects are remarkable. The service life of oil is determined according to the local climate, which has attracted the attention of all relevant parties. The research and application shows that the rigid polyurethane waterproof and thermal insulation integrated roof system is a successful example of the roof waterproof and thermal insulation system. It organically combines different functions to form a highly reliable roof system, solves the leakage problem of the roof and the common problem of the interaction between insulation and waterproof, and also makes the roof have long-term energy-saving effect

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