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Development trend and Prospect of plastic extruder

plastic extruder (host) can be matched with various plastic molding auxiliary machines such as pipe, film, holding material, monofilament, flat wire, packing belt, extrusion, plate (sheet) material, profiled material, granulation, cable coating, etc., to form various plastic extrusion molding production lines and produce various plastic products

after more than 100 years of development, plastic extruders have been derived from the original single screw into twin-screw, multi screw, or even non screw and other models

development trend of plastic extruders

1. Extruders are developing towards large-scale, high-speed and high-efficiency.

extruders with screw diameters of 200-250m and announced to enter the 3D printing industry in foreign countries are very common, and special extruders with screw diameters greater than 400mm are not uncommon. Increasing the screw diameter can improve the production capacity of the extruder. When the screw diameter is doubled, the production capacity of the extruder can be increased several times

the emergence of high-speed and ultra-high-speed extruders with rotational speed above 300r/min abroad has greatly improved the production capacity of the extruder. However, the increase of rotating speed will bring problems such as poor plasticization, which leads to the emergence of many new screws, such as separation type, mixing type, barrier type, shunt type, combined type and so on. The length diameter ratio of the screw has also developed from 20:1 to 36:1, and some are as high as 43:1

2. The auxiliary equipment of modular

extruder has also been improved and standardized to meet the requirements of different plastic products. Modular production can meet the special requirements of different users, shorten the research and development cycle of new products, and strive for greater market share; Specialized production can arrange fixed-point production and even global procurement of various system module components of extrusion molding equipment, which is very beneficial to ensuring the whole period quality, reducing costs and accelerating capital turnover

3. Intelligent and networking

modern electronic and computer control technology has been widely used in extruders in developed countries to detect the process parameters of the whole extrusion process, such as melt pressure and temperature, body temperature of each section, rotating speed of main screw and feeding screw, feeding volume, proportion of various raw materials, current and voltage of motor, and adopt microcomputer closed-loop control. Some companies have adopted remote monitoring, diagnosis and control to control the network of extrusion molding production line. This is very beneficial to ensure the stability of process conditions and improve the accuracy of products

4. Customization

in order to meet the requirements of new materials and new processes, new or special extruders continue to appear. Such as three screw extruder, planetary multi screw extruder, non screw extruder, reactive extruder, two-color extruder, foaming extruder, etc

what is the industry prospect of plastic extruder

as China's extruder products are closely linked with strategic new industries, they have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance. Exports to developed countries are mainly at the middle and low end, and this part of consumer demand is rigid. Therefore, the plastic machinery industry will have broad market prospects. At the same time, we also need to see the challenge of building a gas sensor with repeatable cyclic response

industry demand:

(1) starting from the development of plastic products, provide users of plastic machinery with all-round services from products, process formulas, equipment and after-sales service

(2) according to the requirements of users, design and manufacture suitable equipment to solve the process difficulties for users

(3) timely learn from the technological development of relevant industries and apply the latest scientific and technological achievements to this industry. Such as the scientific and technological achievements of the electronics, communication industry, automobile industry and aerospace industry

(4) keep up with the progress of material science and make new equipment adapt to the processing of new raw materials

(5) strive for high-speed, efficient and energy-saving operation of the equipment

coping strategies:

(1) break the original industry boundaries and realize that plastic machinery serves a larger market

(2) continue to learn from foreign advanced products, processes and equipment to develop China's plastic machinery and improve the technical level

(3) avoid domestic vicious competition and open up foreign markets

(4) concentrate on a local market to expand business

(5) on March 13, 2017, the company signed the "land transfer contract" with the Government Land Bureau to accelerate the absorption of high-quality management and scientific and technological personnel, and can also be installed on the supporting production of the same type of fixed load rack for fixed load measurement, in order to further develop and strive to reach the international advanced level

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