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Development trend and characteristics of plastic packaging materials (1)

(I) prospects for the development of plastic packaging materials in the world

1. Plastic is still one of the materials with the fastest growth in demand in the packaging industry

internationally, although plastic packaging materials have been seriously challenged by environmental problems, from the data published in recent years, before HP obtains sufficient technical differences to broaden the market, Plastic is still one of the fastest growing materials in the packaging industry. According to the statistical analysis and prediction of American Freedonia group, the annual average growth rate of paper and plastic in the packaging field in the United States is 2.4%, including 1.6% for paperboard and 3.4% for plastic. According to the statistics of Japan's "packaging technology", the sales volume of plastic packaging materials in Japan accounts for 15.4% of the total sales volume of all kinds of packaging, still ranking second after paper and paperboard (57.5%), and the rest are metal (12%), glass (9.2%), wood products (5.2%), and others (0.7%)

according to the above development and prediction of the United States and Japan, it may be obvious that plastic packaging materials will continue to grow steadily in the 21st century, remain vibrant in the field of packaging materials, and continue to play an active role in protecting commodities and improving commodity value

2. High barrier and multi-functional plastic packaging materials have become the development hotspot of many countries

high barrier and multi-functional plastic packaging materials have become the packaging materials developed by many countries, and some products have been put into industrial production. Such materials include plastic packaging materials with high impermeability, multi-functional freshness preservation, selective permeability, heat resistance, sterility (antibacterial), rust prevention, deodorization, shape memory, resealability, easy unsealing, etc. among them, high impermeability multi-functional freshness preservation, sterile packaging materials, etc. are developing more rapidly, and will become the focus of the early 21st century

At the beginning of the 21st century, with the increasing growth of the world economy, the continuous development of high technology, products change with each passing day, and people's life tends to be more convenient and leisure. Both commodity packaging, food packaging and industrial packaging have higher requirements. On the other hand, with the growing demand for environmental protection, on the premise of meeting the packaging function, we should try to reduce the amount of garbage, so as to show the development trend of lightweight and thin-walled packaging films, containers and sheets. Its key technology is to actively adopt new raw materials with super toughness, which can process thinner and easier to process, such as bimodal polymer HDPE, polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene plastic alloys with metallocene catalysts, which provide more raw material choices for plastic packaging. In particular, the development of polyethylene and polypropylene further straightens out the relationship between the government and the market, improves many properties of the flexible packaging structure, such as toughness, transparency, impermeability, heat resistance and puncture resistance, and can reduce the heat sealing temperature, improve processability, and improve the production line speed of packaging in the long-term use process. One of the characteristics of polyethylene food packaging film is that it can control the permeability of oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. It can be used in controlled atmosphere packaging, which can greatly extend the shelf life of food. It can be used in the packaging of semi-finished products such as ultra-high salads, carrot slices, cauliflower and meat, as well as fresh-keeping bags and impermeable shrink bags of agricultural products. In the United States, the shelf capacity of such semi-finished products will increase from 3% in the mid-1990s to 25% in 2000, and the sale of agricultural products in the form of fresh picking will reach 25%. The demand for MPE controllable modified atmosphere packaging film will increase greatly

3. Energy saving, environmental protection and easy recycling have become the starting point of technological development

4. The development of anti-static and conductive soft plastic packaging materials has broad development prospects

5. Plastic blends, plastic alloys, inorganic materials filled and reinforced composites (ABC) are tomorrow's plastic stars

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