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Judging the development trend of digital welding technology

with the integration of artificial intelligence technology, computer vision technology, digital information processing technology and robot technology, arc welding technology is developing towards the direction of high efficiency of welding process, digitalization of welding power control, intellectualization of welding quality and roboticization of production process. This application topic is an important research content in this field

trend judgment and demand analysis

in the 21st century, the manufacturing industry tends to be globalized, networked, integrated, virtualized, offsite and digitalized. The rapid development of computer and information technology will promote the gradual integration of the manufacturing field. Welding is an important material processing and structure in the manufacturing field

productivity is also closely combined with information technology. Due to the variability and complexity of the welding process, using digital technology to turn the welding equipment from a simple electromechanical product into a precision processing instrument will be the development direction of welding equipment

the digitization of welding machine includes two aspects. One is the digitization of the main circuit, the other is the digitization of the control circuit

the emergence of inverter technology provides conditions for the digitization of the main circuit of the welding machine. The development of welding power from analog welding machine to inverter welding machine actually completes the leap of main circuit from analog to digital. The digitization of the main circuit of the welding power supply has improved the performance of the welding power supply in at least two aspects: ① the power loss of the welding power supply is greatly reduced, making the efficiency of the welding power supply reach more than 90%. ② With the increase of working frequency, the ripple of loop output current is smaller and the response speed is faster, so the welder can obtain better dynamic response characteristics

as early as the early 1970s, inverters have been used in the field of medium frequency heating. In 1982, ESAB company in Sweden took the lead in launching thyristor arc welding inverter products. After that, the molding shrinkage rate in the United States is 0 7% Lincoln, Miller, powcon, kemppi of Finland, El Tron of Switzerland, Osaka transformer company of Japan and other internationally renowned welding equipment companies have successively launched their own arc welding inverter products. In 1981, at the world welding and cutting Expo held in Essen, Germany, thyristor and transistor arc welding inverters from four manufacturers were exhibited for the first time, which are mainly used for shielded metal arc welding, low-voltage arc ignition tungsten ammonia arc welding and CO2 gas shielded welding, with a maximum current of 350A. By 1989, more than 30 manufacturers had exhibited arc welding inverters at the same Expo. In addition to the growth of FET and transistor arc welding inverters in a large proportion, IGBT arc welding inverters with a maximum capacity of 500A began to appear, and their applications were further extended to plasma cutting and other fields

in 1993, arc welding inverters of various specifications and uses were exhibited at the Essen international welding and cutting Expo in Germany. Their applications include manual arc welding, TIG welding, mig/mag welding, C02 welding, etc. The capacity is between a and the inverter frequency is okhz. Among them, the field effect tube type strong welding inverter with rated current of 130a and load duration of 35% weighs only 4kg and the inverter frequency is kHz

according to the investigation, by 19, lactic acid can be further degraded into carbon dioxide and water. In 1996, Hitachi IGBT inverter welding machine has accounted for 70% of its mig/mag welding machines, more than 95% of TIG welding machines, and 100% of cutting machines. IGBT inverter welding power supply will become the development direction of inverter welding machine in the future

in China, the development of arc welding inverter is very fast, and the prospect is also very considerable. China began to develop thyristor arc welding inverter in the late 1970s, and achieved preliminary results in the early 1980s. Shanghai Weiteli welding equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of IGBT inverter welding power supply and special welding equipment. It has a high reputation in the field of inverter welding machine production in China

in the late 1990s, Austrian Fronius full digital welding machine entered the Chinese market, and the development of digital welding machine has attracted extensive attention. Compared with the analog control system, the digital arc welding power supply has the following remarkable characteristics:

① broaden the function. The software of external characteristics of power supply is flexible and easy to realize multiple functions of one machine. For automatic welding machine, functions such as welding parameter presetting, memory and reproduction can be added. Using precise digital control, electronic reactor and waveform control to expand the scope of product utilization, the technology can realize high-efficiency gas shielded welding, including high-speed welding and high deposition rate welding

② strong adaptability. Using the storage function of computer and high-speed and high-precision digital signal processing technology, the welding machine can be developed to be multifunctional and intelligent. It is convenient to introduce modern control methods such as adaptive control, fuzzy control and neural network control into the welding machine to optimize welding parameters and control welding quality

③ good operability. Using the high-speed computing ability and rich external interface and communication ability of single chip microcomputer and special digital signal processor, on the basis of introducing intelligent control technology such as fuzzy control, simple unified adjustment of welding parameters can be realized, and the "fool" operation of inverter welding machine can be realized

④ easy to develop. Many tasks can be completed by both hardware and software. Different types of welding machines can be formed by using building blocks based on a power supply and cooperating with different control boxes. The development cycle of welding power supply is short and the cost is low

⑤ easy to upgrade. The function improvement of the same type of welding machine can be realized only through software design. In the era of rapid technological update, the service life and scope of the welding machine can be greatly improved. When matching the special welding machine, the performance of the welding machine can be flexibly changed, which is convenient to realize the special matching of the special machine

the research and development of digital welding power control system will lay the foundation for the production of series high-end welding machines of Shanghai Weiteli welding equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. At the same time, due to the adoption of digital control technology, the welding power supply is no longer a simple source of welding energy, but also has the functions of digital operating system platform, multi-characteristic adaptive adjustment, wire feeding drive peripherals and interfaces, dynamic adaptive adjustment of welding parameters, process stability quality evaluation, protection and self diagnosis prompt, remote network monitoring, production quality management and so on, In fact, the concept of welding power supply has been extended to welding power system. Therefore, it is of great significance in terms of academic level and use value. The research of digital welding machine in China is only in the laboratory stage, but with its unparalleled strong advantages, digital welding machine will become the mainstream of welding equipment and the star of the future


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