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Development strategy of small and medium-sized coating enterprises

development strategy of small and medium-sized coating enterprises

November 20, 2003

taking advantage of the trend of the world and the wind of opening up, China's coating market is in an unprecedented period of great development. With the progress and innovation of coating technology

, the intensification of market competition, and the rapid promotion of network technology, the next 3-5 years will be a critical period for the integration and elimination of domestic

coating enterprises. For small and medium-sized coating enterprises in China, if they want to continue to develop rather than die out, they must seek their own strategic outlet, change their business model, actively cooperate with strong brand enterprises, and achieve their own development by quickly meeting market demand. Characteristics of China's paint market in the new era foreign brands have poured in. Almost all internationally renowned coating enterprises have entered the Chinese market, either wholly-owned, or joint ventures, or established business offices. Their comprehensive market share is increasing year by year, and their market influence is gradually increasing

domestic brand reputation is gradually rising. In the process of dancing with wolves, some domestic advantageous brand enterprises have gradually developed into a more intuitive and powerful brand enterprise that can be observed in the curve of the national composition through adding

strong management research and development internally and using brand-new marketing planning externally, and their reputation has gradually decreased the comprehensive competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. The small and medium-sized enterprises mentioned here refer to the architectural coating production enterprises with an annual production and sales scale of less than 1000 tons

. Due to many low-level repetitions, insufficient follow-up R & D technical support, and product structure list

I, the comprehensive competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises is declining year by year, and they can not better meet the overall needs of the regional market in terms of brand, quality, delivery time, after-sales

service, etc

the current situation of coating quality is not optimistic. With the heating up of the construction market, there are more and more paint production enterprises, but generally

is "rebirth and light painting". More professional painting application research is very scarce, and the product varieties and grades are mixed. Instead,

should be applied to practical projects, which shows that the painting quality is not satisfactory, and there are few excellent painting projects

development strategy of small and medium-sized coating enterprises. The development of any industry has a process of comprehensive competition and integration. Coating industry is no exception. Therefore, for China's small and medium-sized coating production enterprises, in order to achieve sustainable development, they must realize strategic transformation as soon as possible, from production-oriented enterprises to service-oriented enterprises

the necessity of strategic transformation. As for improving the core competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises in recent years, there have been many discussions on EVOH as a high barrier material. However, for the small and medium-sized enterprises in the architectural coating industry limited in this paper, it is difficult to make a real breakthrough in competitiveness under the current market environment. For example, whether it is to improve the ability of research and development, or to increase marketing reforms such as advertising promotion, market development, etc., greater human, material and financial resources are needed; With the improvement of national quality product technical standards, enterprises also need a lot of investment in further improving the environmental protection, economic and technical indicators of


due to the characteristics of the production and application of architectural coatings, combined with the above reasons, this determines that if small and medium-sized

production enterprises continue to follow the original enterprise economic management content, the continuous investment in production is uneconomical

the national chemical building materials coordination architectural coating expert group has long concluded that the annual production and sales of 1000 tons is the smallest economic scale of architectural coating production enterprises. Only on the basis of such a scale can enterprises have the ability to carry out good technological transformation and technological development, and have the initial strength to participate in market competition

therefore, combining the resources, technology, equipment and other advantages of the original enterprises, transforming from production-oriented enterprises to downstream enterprises in a timely manner, that is, service-oriented enterprises, is the strategic outlet for small and medium-sized paint production enterprises to maintain continuous development. Otherwise, in the fierce market competition, they will gradually be eliminated and lose their living space

the connotation of service-oriented enterprises. For building coating production enterprises, how to change to service-oriented production enterprises and how to change to service-oriented production enterprises, in short, the ultimate goal is to provide coating protective film and provide customers with final coating services and solutions

most construction coating enterprises take production as their primary task. In recent years, with the development of market economy, the functions of services have gradually increased. For group enterprises with large production and marketing scale, although the functions of service and technical support have been separated separately within the enterprise, on the whole, in terms of their functions and functions, they are still far from meeting the market demand. With the heating up of architectural coatings, the varieties of coatings are increasing year by year, their application sites are becoming more and more complex, and the coating effects required by customers are also gradually diverse. All this determines that providing complete coating service is the ultimate goal, which is also the actual needs of customers. In this way, the single product

variety of small and medium-sized coating enterprises is difficult to meet the actual needs of customers in a certain region. While small and medium-sized coating enterprises have shifted their strategy from production-oriented to service-oriented. By providing multi brand and multi-performance coating products and services, they can better solve this problem by not only providing their own products. It is the connotation of a service-oriented enterprise to provide final coating services and solutions instead of just providing the product itself

how to carry out strategic transformation to improve service and problem-solving ability. As far as modern enterprises are concerned, human resources are the most valuable resources. No matter which type of enterprise, human resources are the most important guarantee. To improve the service and problem-solving ability of architectural coating is to gradually improve the quality of the original simple production technicians in business negotiation, project management, coating services, etc. through training and learning, so as to provide customers with reliable and comprehensive problem-solving solutions

strengthen the research of coating application technology. As a new energy-saving material with rich functions and a wide range of applications, the research on its production technology has been relatively mature, but there is still a big gap in the application research of coating technology, operating procedures, standards, construction equipment, etc. We should pay enough attention to it ideologically, increase investment, and improve the actual overall coating application technology level as soon as possible

actively build a marketing service network system. Any enterprise has its own marketing network system. This is the basis for the distribution of products or services. On this basis, we should actively build a new marketing network service system with strong problem-solving ability according to modern management ideas, and further strengthen the distribution foundation. This is the

channel resource advantage of small and medium-sized enterprises

cooperate with advantageous brands. It can be predicted that the final destination of the integration of industry development is to cooperate with advantageous brands as soon as possible. It can take the form of foreign and domestic joint venture cooperation,

supporting production, licensed production, or use its own channels to promote the business of advantageous brands and expand the types and grades of products. This is the material support basis for serving customers. In this regard, some large-scale paint enterprise groups have begun to expand actively through mergers and acquisitions. This also provides a good opportunity for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises. This is the good ending of the first three works

The development of architectural coatings indicates that the integration of this industry is inevitable. For the majority of small and medium-sized architectural coating enterprises defined in this paper, we should fully understand the current development trend of the coating industry, carry out the strategic transformation as soon as possible, and realize the transformation from production-oriented enterprises to service-oriented enterprises by means of joint ventures, cooperation, strategic alliances and other integrated means, whether it is to maintain the sustainable development of the enterprise itself or to promote the healthy development of China's coating industry,

or in protecting the interests of consumers, it is of great practical significance

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