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Development status of large format flat panel color inkjet machine

in large format advertising, Various pop advertisements Pointofpurchaseadvertlslng, point of sale advertising) are all eye-catching publicity masterpieces, especially celebrity three-dimensional billboards and movable billboards for various special-shaped goods, which have become novel means of commodity promotion and brand announcement.

this kind of pop advertisements mostly use plate substrates, such as PVC board, foam board, cardboard, acrylic board and other materials. The printing methods are not 91 or almost two forms, and the graphics and texts are simple. They are mostly by hand Workers can draw directly, or draw it on self-adhesive materials, paste it on different plates, and then carve out a rough outline by hand. According to the relevant requirements of the strong foundation and solid foundation action of Aluminum Corporation of China and the spirit of the special meeting of aluminum oxide production process of Aluminum Corporation of China 1 high 1 low 1. In recent years, some finer pop advertisements are printed directly on hard plates with UV ink or water-based ink, and then cut the figure contour with tools such as wire saw. Due to the small demand for such advertisements, offset printing is basically not used. Even if printing is used, the cost cannot be underestimated

now, after various large-scale inkjet printing equipment gradually occupy the large format advertising market and replace part of the short version printing, the flat plate color inkjet machine positive reinforcement zigzag experimental machine is an instrument and equipment specialized in detecting the structural characteristics of concrete structures. It covets the short version silk screen printing brush Market of hard substrates, and because of its economy and flexibility, it is bound to become the best choice for the production of three-dimensional POP advertising

flat panel color inkjet printer is a general term. In fact, the flat panel color inkjet printer that really involves the advertising market refers to the large format inkjet equipment used to paint flat panel hard materials. There are many types of such devices, UV curing ink is often used Uvc4. Fabric tensile testing machine: the textile industry needs to test fabric peeling, puncture, tearing urableink). It can process a variety of materials, such as PVC board, metal plate, wood, glass, ceramics, marble. It can also spray paint flexible materials such as light box cloth, polycarbonate, polystyrene acrylate thin film and paper. In terms of substrate transmission mode, some equipment is equipped with roller feeding system. Low-end equipment generally adopts manual feeding 。 Its representative product brands are Luscher, Zun, Inca, vutek, and the maximum format of single sheet inkjet painting is 3200mmx1600mm.

the thickness of substrate is 80mm. Due to the use of UV Technology (ink and drying device), and solve the problem of poor weather resistance and water resistance of inkjet, it is more suitable for advertising, display board and decoration industry, and short version packaging and printing is also a large market. At present, about 400 real flat-panel inkjet machines have been sold and installed worldwide, with more than 75% in Europe and a small part in the United States. Unfortunately, there are no users of high-end products in China

China's Shenzhen Tianzhi image technology company has launched large format flat-panel inkjet equipment "flora". Its products include manual feeding and automatic feeding. However, it was learned from the interview that now their large format inkjet equipment is mainly sold abroad, especially in the Middle East. The domestic market has just opened Kejie's industrialized flat-panel digital inkjet machine is the latest highlight of this technology. It integrates the paper feeding system of ordinary printing machines, increases the paper feeding stack and receiving stack, and makes inkjet printing like sheet fed printing. The inkjet speed is significantly improved. Its maximum working efficiency can reach 150m/h "160mmx320mm)

flat panel advertising market

industry statistics show that at present, the global flat panel advertising market accounts for 42% of the wide image market, and silk printing was originally the main service for this market. Products include hard flat panel advertising, outdoor signs, display boards, etc. among them, plastic materials (including hard plastic and plastic film) account for about 20%, cardboard and display boards account for about 16%, and instant stickers (including banner materials without adhesive backing) It accounts for about 16% and metal plates account for 3~./O. Moreover, the demand for such products will continue to grow

the flat-panel inkjet machine is more suitable for the production of jx#ll. The printing materials using UV ink are undoubtedly the main market of flat-panel inkjet. In addition, the flat-panel inkjet market using solvent ink cannot be ignored. If we focus on the manual or semi-automatic silk printing market with low efficiency and low production capacity, there are at least 100000 ~ 200000 such low-end manual silk printing companies in the world, and their businesses now will be the potential market for flat-panel inkjet machines. It is estimated that the capacity is tens of thousands. Based on this optimistic understanding of the flat-panel inkjet machine market, the flat-panel inkjet machine will be everywhere. It is more popular than the current inkjet system. I

digital cutting equipment

POP advertising and display board market is not only a simple extension of the traditional wide image printing market, but also requires die cutting (cutting) after epj $~j. Digital die cutting technology can be understood as stencil free die cutting, that is, the graphic data in the computer directly controls the cutting head to die cut the printing sheet. At present, graphene can be dispersed into thermosetting plastics through several technologies. There are two forms of cutting head: laser etching and mechanical engraving head die cutting. The application of digital die cutting mainly focuses on paper cutting and short version processing of signs. Compared with manual cutting, it has higher cutting accuracy and faster production speed

for example, ASCO kongsbergxl series digital paper processing center (DCM) is specially designed for cutting and forming paperboard and corrugated paperboard. It has flexible and wide tool options, and the cutting head can handle materials with a thickness of 25ram. Among them, kongsbergxl20 is the smallest model. Its working area is 1680mmx1270mm. While the working area of kongsbergxl44 can reach 3050mmx2210mm. The cutting speed is 50M/min. In addition, the Swiss Zun Schindler drawing prototype, the German lasercom~ product proofing machine and the M3000 series box cutting machine of the American data company are all mechanical digital die cutting equipment, which are also suitable for the packaging and pop industries

The 2008 Olympic Games should be an opportunity for the development of China's advertising industry. The high quality required by the Olympic Games will also create greater market space for flat-panel inkjet machines


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