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Based on Fujian aluminum alloy door and window market, how should enterprises break the situation

the best era of the aluminum alloy door and window industry has passed, and the industry is ushering in a new round of reshuffle. The introduction of hardbound housing policy, the low real estate market, the lack of skilled talents, rising labor costs, product differentiation dimension is difficult to break... The double squeeze of internal and external environment makes the enterprises in it face great pressure and challenges. Based on Fujian aluminum alloy door and window market, how should enterprises break the situation? Several leaders of Fujian high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows representative enterprises were invited to share their views on product research and development, standard setting, production management, supply chain control, market operation and other aspects

Yu Kaichen, general manager of mashnord doors and windows: improve the independent research and development ability, make systematic products, and have a complete set of systems for the R & D, design, construction and after-sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Strict enterprise standards

most aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises in Fujian are transferred from engineering to retail. The pressure of tooling funds and bidding makes many enterprises turn to home decoration, on the one hand, for survival, on the other hand, tooling experience may have inherent construction advantages. But in fact, people think of retail simply. There are two systems: Engineering and retail. In the home decoration retail industry, the two biggest challenges are brand and product. Compared with the construction and installation services, local enterprises are more confident, but the weakness of some local enterprises is the lack of independent research and development system. A large number of products still learn from Guangdong, Jiangsu and even foreign countries. Before, we didn't think this was a difficulty

to some extent, the southeast coastal area is an area with complex consumption demand for doors and windows in the world. Due to the intrusion of multiple storms, there is a comprehensive demand for thermal insulation, and the market is overly sensitive to cost performance. Therefore, for doors and windows, it is very important to find a right direction for product research and development. If we do both, the product cost and research and development pressure will be great. Our main focus is on water tightness, and we are building doors and windows with high water tightness. This is a problem we have been meeting and studying in our projects

door and window products are also customized products, which is a systematic project, and brand promotion is difficult to learn from. Most enterprises in Fujian are directly facing the terminal. Brand positioning and finding a suitable brand promotion mode are difficulties that need to be explored constantly. In terms of service, we have adopted many schemes. If you use the same scheme to target terminals and dealers, within and outside the province, it is unrealistic. In terms of services, enterprises in the province have obvious advantages: first, logistics, and second, service docking. The communication service of early-stage plan is the advantage of local enterprises. The early design and scheme will affect the quotation. Its change and rationality. The service of local enterprises is very direct and professional, while enterprises outside the province provide services through intermediaries, and the delivery of service value may be biased. Third, on-site construction. Most dealers cooperate with the temporary construction team, and have insufficient experience in the construction of high-performance doors and windows or system doors and windows, or have not experienced the systematic training of the manufacturer. It is easy to treat the construction method of old-fashioned doors and windows or the construction is too right, which is easy to cause after-sales and delivery problems

the best way for Fujian aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to break the bottleneck, make a breakthrough and go to the national market is to improve their independent research and development ability and make products and services with systematic thinking. The real situation of the industry is that many enterprises only make small changes to the existing products of suppliers, and then make them into assembled products, which is difficult to achieve standardization. Because you assume that this product is not developed by you from beginning to end, there is no way to form a standard for the systematic R & D manual, installation and construction manual and Design Manual of this product, and it is difficult to set a standard after-sales. If the road of independent research and development of products can be completed, local door and window enterprises in Fujian can become bigger, and foreign enterprises can extend the radius of services. We have also communicated with many Guangdong enterprises. At present, many of the enterprises that have done well in their research and development are suggestions from hardware and rubber strip manufacturers, which is still a long way from real independent research and development; In contrast, our independent R & D in doors and windows comes from many years of project practice experience. Several of our dealers were engaged in production before, but we invested more money in research and development, so they simply became our dealers. This mode makes the social division of labor more refined and specialized, and finally optimizes the cost, so that high-quality door and window products produce greater social value, thus forming a virtuous circle beneficial to the whole industry

Li Quan, chairman of pinyue doors and windows, has always insisted on making the market with brand awareness. The improvement and improvement of product quality is our continuous goal.

pinyue doors and windows has a history of 15 years since it started in 2004. At present, many places in Fujian Province and Zhejiang region have our brand stores. At present, there are more than 40 stores and more than 200 outlets. As an influential brand in the region, we pursue the continuous improvement of product quality. In the third quarter of 2019, we launched a new product line; The real system doors and windows are also launched in our province. The structure, performance and aesthetics of the original doors and windows are further deepened and precipitated. Compared with the three properties of ordinary doors and windows, we believe that the system doors and windows can achieve seven properties, namely: water tightness, air tightness, sound insulation, heat preservation, wind pressure resistance, earthquake resistance and corrosion resistance. The product quality is more stable and the product performance is more excellent. As early as years ago, we started the development of system doors and windows. Until now, the consumer market is relatively mature. However, it is difficult to promote the concept of system doors and windows by a single enterprise. I want to say that we can expand the market of system doors and windows together, and then see how much share your enterprise can occupy in this field. As a brand with certain influence in the regional market of Fuzhou, pinyue doors and windows is also considering its own living space. With the expansion of the scale, the cost of personnel and other aspects will increase, and we cannot compete with small-scale door and window factories in terms of cost advantage. Many people say that it is difficult for enterprises like us to adhere to the brand and product line. On the other hand, it is difficult to do it every year, but there is growth every year, and it is compound growth. In the long run, in the next market reshuffle, excellent enterprises will be highlighted, weak enterprises will be eliminated, and only enterprises with strength and advantages can survive and develop healthily. When we open the oil return valve, we will have a chance to win when the industry is upgraded. The market is dynamic. Today, it may be surpassed by others as time goes by. We have always adhered to the concept of "making word-of-mouth with quality and making word-of-mouth a brand" to make the market and constantly improve quality. Our pursuit in terms of products has always been: whether there is one with better performance, whether the details are handled better, whether the supply chain supporting is more high-end... In terms of product improvement, our products are regardless of cost, and product development is endless, there is no best, only better

chairman of Nuoyi doors and windows · Chen lunqiu: adhere to the idea of specialized and refined product development, strengthen supply chain management and control, improve the sense of hardship, and make high-quality products with regional differentiation

Nuoyi doors and windows is more focused on product categories, mainly the broken bridge doors and windows series; The categories are simplified and centralized. For so many years, we have been insisting on professional focus to improve the quality of products. Systematic doors and windows developed relatively early in Europe and have done well. In recent years, some domestic enterprises have begun to try to make systematic doors and windows, adopt the overall door and window system solution, and make clear commitments to the performance and quality indicators of products. At present, we are also making system standards, covering all materials and accessories. We will file and control them, make them into Nuoyi standards, formulate rules, optimize the control of our supply chain, and develop systematic doors and windows

in recent years, with the improvement of consumers' household consumption level, the requirements for the quality of home decoration have become higher and higher. The broken bridge doors and windows with upgraded consumer demand have become the standard configuration, which has a broad market space, and also gives us more market opportunities to adhere to the professional focus on quality. It is an inevitable choice for Nuoyi and Fujian aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to constantly upgrade products and brands. At present, there are many door and window enterprises in the province, but the scale is small and the homogenization is serious. Most enterprises do not have the research and development ability, and the risk management and control ability is weak, which is easy to be influenced by the market. Today, when e-commerce interconnection has swept all consumer fields, customized door and window products are no longer a haven, and will inevitably become the next focus of venture capital. The cross-border competition and mode innovation competition in the capital market are horrible competition. We should improve the awareness of hardship and enhance the risk management and control ability of enterprises. In order to meet the increasingly personalized consumer demand in the door and window market, we are also building our own differentiated products, such as seamless welding of window sashes, R3 fillet treatment, PPT King Kong configuration, the application of electric intelligent series, etc. through more humanized detail improvement, we can make the differentiation of similar competitive products, serve customers well, establish brands, and win the trust of customers and the market. We also often think: where is the next hot spot of door and window and home consumption? Always think about the industry, enterprises and products from a forward-looking perspective, and adhere to professionalism and focus, so as to have the opportunity to stand tall in the market

General Manager of anberui intelligent doors and windows · Chen Yao: we independently developed an intelligent production management system to win the terminal with "fast delivery" and "after retail"

Fujian aluminum alloy doors and windows industry started relatively late, the quality of practitioners in the whole industry is low, and the informatization construction is weak, but although our anberui intelligent doors and windows has only a short history of 3 years, the team has a high degree of professionalism, It is in the forefront of the industry in information construction

we have independently developed a professional production management system for aluminum alloy doors and windows, which can automatically disassemble the customer order data and connect it to the system production data, provide it to the factory for material preparation production, and the cost can also be accurately calculated. Traditional aluminum alloy production enterprises rely on manual calculation of materials, arrangement of orders, and cost accounting. Now through the intelligent production management system, the refinement is greatly improved, the error rate is reduced, and the inventory management is optimized, with more accurate real-time inventory data. Everyone who works in factories knows that more than 50% of the capital is on inventory. Now we can reduce inventory by 80%. The advantages of this intelligent production management system are: first, the light inventory mode greatly reduces the backlog of funds; Second, it has fast response, high efficiency and fast delivery cycle, and can be shipped in 3 days; Third, the error rate is low, which can be "after retail"

in the area of product development, we will study some new structures and new products every year, and do the overall upgrading of the product from the aspects of materials, colors, hardware accessories, glass, sealant strips, etc. for example, our glass upgrading is 6+19+6 as the standard configuration, while the traditional aluminum alloy product glass standard configuration is only 5+9+5, so the overall heat insulation and sound insulation efficiency of the product has been improved. Aluminum alloy in Fujian Province in the future

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