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On the eve of the listing of Xiaomi, Lei Jun said that in the future, we should pay for the "original sin" of packaging materials on the natural environment. The comprehensive net profit margin of Xiaomi hardware is no more than 5%. This is praised as the conscience of the industry. However, from the perspective of the whole manufacturing industry, the higher the temperature of the 5% net profit margin set by Xiaomi is, the lower it is. One data for reference is that in 2017, the profit margin of main business income of Industrial Enterprises above designated size was 6.46%. The data shows that the net profit margins of apple and Samsung in the first quarter were as high as 22.6% and 19.3%

the author combed the net profit margin data of the four leading listed companies in China in 2017. Only Gree Electric Appliance was higher than 10%, and the net profit margin of other companies was lower than 5%. This can not help but make people reflect, what is the reason for the low net profit margin of the manufacturing industry

the author believes that from the perspective of the manufacturing industry itself, there are two reasons for the low net profit margin. First, the rise of China's manufacturing industry stems from favorable factors such as the transfer of the global industrial chain and demographic dividends. Nowadays, the demographic dividend is weakening, and the labor cost is rising. The increase of labor cost has a great impact on the labor-intensive manufacturing industry, which will directly affect the gross profit rate of enterprises, which is the basis for the net profit to gradually move towards industrial automation. Second, it is closely related to the industrial structure. In the domestic manufacturing industry, labor-intensive industries are in the majority. In high-end manufacturing industries, such as aero-engine and integrated circuit industries, foreign companies such as Rolls Royce, general electric and Intel have made high profits by relying on their technological and financial advantages

on the whole, China's manufacturing structure is still in the period of transformation and upgrading, and the low level of net profit margin is a manifestation of the pain of the transformation period

the reason for the low net profit margin of domestic manufacturing industry can also be considered from another perspective, that is, the enterprise's control over the supply chain. The most obvious examples are apple and Samsung

the reason why Apple and Samsung have high net profit margin is that they control the supply chain and form an independent system from chips, batteries, screens to OEM; In contrast, China's manufacturing industry still needs to strengthen its core technology, supply system construction and resource scheduling capabilities

in addition to the internal reasons of the industry and enterprises, the recovery of the net profit margin of the manufacturing industry also depends on the changes of external conditions. Since May 1 this year, the manufacturing value-added tax rate has been reduced from 17% to 16%. It is estimated that this is equivalent to a tax reduction of about 104.4 billion yuan for the whole year; On the other hand, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry. The technicians of small and medium-sized enterprises cut carbon fiber or glass fiber fabric composites into a series of irregular shapes and wrap them on concrete beams and columns, which is also conducive to improving the level of net profit margin of the manufacturing industry

the goals and plans of made in China 2025 and manufacturing power have been established. With the support of good tax policies and industrial policies, ironmaking still needs its own hard work. To solve the problem of low net profit margin, enterprises need to be self reliant, force the improvement of independent innovation ability, master core technology, promote "manufacturing + information technology", and strive to improve the level of intelligent manufacturing

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