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China International Industry Expo: thinking about starting again

the 2008 China International Industry Expo opened in Shanghai on November 4. Affected by the global economic downturn, during the preparation of the Expo in September and October, some Chinese and foreign enterprises withdrew from the exhibition and reduced the exhibition area. However, when the exhibition of China's most famous international industrial brands, which has been held for 10 years, opened, it created a new exhibition area There are many records on the proportion of overseas groups participating in the exhibition and the quality of participating enterprises

running between the seven professional pavilions of the ICIF, and shuttling between multiple theme forums in 63 forums, I witnessed the fruitful results of the latest technology and scientific and technological innovation of Chinese enterprises and scientific research institutions, listened to the heartfelt words of enterprises and experts in extraordinary times, and the most prominent impression was that when the crisis approached, Chinese industrial enterprises stood up as steel backbones. The most heard sentence was that challenges and opportunities coexisted, Opportunities even outweigh challenges

by the end of September this year, China's GDP was 20.16 trillion yuan, an increase of 9.9% year-on-year, an increase of 2.3 percentage points lower than the same period last year, and exports were 1.07 trillion US dollars, an increase of 22.3% year-on-year, an increase of 1.2 percentage points lower. Some industries, such as textile, light industry, chemical industry and other products, have shown negative growth in exports to the United States, and the production, sales and profits of some industries have declined significantly. In some industries, small and medium-sized enterprises have closed down

from the above figures, China's economic growth slowed down significantly in the first three quarters, and many people agree that the decline in growth rate preceded the spread of the global economic crisis. The main reasons are that the price of raw materials fluctuates sharply, making it more difficult for enterprises to produce and operate; Energy conservation and emission reduction, resources, testing instruments and equipment bundle and other factors put forward new requirements for industrial structure adjustment; The traditional comparative advantage of the industry has changed, and the overall international competitiveness of the industry is still not strong enough

under the internal and external attack, China's extensive model that has brought rapid development for many years is unsustainable. The top priority is to turn the crisis into a good opportunity for development, strengthen the adjustment of industrial structure, further enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese industry, and strive to stand out in the next round of competition

Lu Jianhua, Assistant Minister of Commerce, said at the 5th China Industry International Competitiveness Forum of the Industrial Expo that enhancing the international competitiveness of industries requires the joint efforts of enterprises, governments and industry organizations, especially the government to create a good external environment for the development of enterprises. The Ministry of commerce is building an industrial competitiveness index system and evaluation system in line with China's national conditions, and has completed the competitiveness evaluation of key industries such as automobiles and key parts, phosphate fertilizer, electronics, textiles, northeast manufacturing, power generation equipment, etc

Zhu Tao, chairman of China Industrial Design Association, said at the theme forum of "innovation and sustainable development - scientific and technological innovation and equipment manufacturing industry" of the Industrial Expo that from made in China to created in China, there is also a Chinese design in the middle. We should continue to emancipate our minds, truly "attach great importance to industrial design", improve the design level of equipment manufacturing industry, "advanced manufacturing" plus "industrial design" plus "brand", To create a "world-class manufacturing" industry

Shi Lei, chairman of Shanghai Commercial Investment Group, said that the crisis has brought great opportunities to the technology industry, A high-tech "piermatteo added:" the emerging products in the market are transparent plastic enterprises. If they have done a good job in scientific research and market, why should they fear the financial tsunami? At the Industrial Expo, the high-tech enterprises under the commercial investment group launched a number of high-tech projects that are popular in the market, including migrant workers' information cards in the construction field supported by government information projects, breaking 4. Deformation accuracy: ± 0.5% FS international monopoly "Beidou" with completely independent intellectual property rights Satellite navigation baseband processing chip and a complete set of development system, GSM-R handheld station and vehicle module that can still realize smooth information when the train speed is increased

the manufacturing industry of major technical equipment has always been the "top priority" of the ICIF, and this ICIF has sounded the "assembly number" of national major technical equipment manufacturing. In the exhibition area of major technical equipment, there are shocking "big guys" everywhere. "Owning independent intellectual property rights" is the most common word. Before some exhibits that have achieved "world first", foreign visitors stopped for a long time to have a close look

the three major military industrial groups in Guizhou showed the first domestically developed five element self-propelled new cotton picker with international advanced technology. The cotton picker with a height of more than two meters has been put into use in Xinjiang this year, and one harvest is equivalent to a flower picker, breaking the situation that only two American companies can produce cotton pickers in the previous critical period when the world is moving towards the middle and high level of the industry

Zhenhua Port machinery, which accounts for 75% of the international market, has brought the 7500t full swing self-propelled floating crane with the world's first lifting capacity, which was completed and successfully lifted in May this year. This is another independent innovation achievement in China's major equipment field. It is learned that guantongxian, President of Zhenhua, requires enterprises to strive to create such a "world first" every year

the 147210 cubic meter LNG ship of CSSC is almost a patented technology in the field. Previously, only Japan, South Korea and a few European countries were able to build it. In April this year, China Shipbuilding Group Hudong Zhonghua shipbuilding company spent more than three years to build the "dapenghao" successfully delivered to the water, winning the bright pearl on the world shipbuilding crown

Shanghai Electric exhibited 12 of the 16 special projects involving major technical equipment determined by the national development and Reform Commission, of which sec-2000 wind turbine generator units with completely independent intellectual property rights are designed according to China's wind conditions and are highly efficient. Shanghai Lingang and Liaoning Tieling projects are already being implemented, and enterprises can sell as much as they produce in the domestic market

the Industrial Expo, which sparkles scientific and technological innovation everywhere, is a microcosm of the rapid development of China's equipment manufacturing industry in the past 30 years. It is understood that before the reform and opening up, the production technology level of China's equipment industry was nearly 20 years lower than the world level. Since the reform and opening up, domestic enterprises have fully grasped the opportunity of economic globalization, given full play to their late development advantages and complied with the huge domestic and foreign market demand, paid attention to absorbing and digesting the world's advanced technology, paid attention to improving their own R & D capabilities, and took the road of reform and innovation, The modernization of equipment manufacturing technology has been basically realized in a short time and at a low cost

statistics show that among the technology sources of leading products in China's market, the domestic share has increased from 24.5% in the 1980s to 60% now. The ranking of automotive industry and machine tool industry in the world has increased from 18th and 12th in 1978 to 3rd in 2007, respectively. The contribution rates to the world's new output have reached 28.44% and 13.95% respectively. The annual output of power generation equipment has accounted for about 50% of the world's total output, The contribution rate to the net increment of global power generation equipment is more than 50%

however, China's equipment manufacturing industry is far from stopping. From the Industrial Expo, we can clearly see that there is a big gap between the overall level of China's equipment manufacturing industry and the level of industrial equipment in developed countries. The fo-3015nt laser processing machine, which can realize all-round stable price of thick plates and high-quality and ultra-high-speed processing of thin plates, brought by Tiantian, Japan, is known as an epoch-making laser processing machine. The intelligent robot with 3D vision system developed by FANUC company has also attracted market attention

whether the large gap can be narrowed as much as possible when the global economy encounters a cold winter, the Industrial Expo also inspires people to think and forge ahead. Huang Wenhu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at the Industrial Expo that in the face of the financial crisis and the huge environmental crisis, the equipment manufacturing industry must find new development space with the mode of scientific and technological innovation and the level of environmental friendliness in the next round of development. While continuing its successful experience, it must have a rethinking

innovation can be tracking, understanding and learning from competitors, meeting customer needs and producing sustainable products, and it can also be the kind of innovation of a truly global leading enterprise: not pursuing to meet market needs, committed to creating new market needs, leading the industry, setting standards, and occupying emerging markets. This is the new thinking brought to enterprises by the dizzying display of the Industrial Expo

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