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How to break through the ceiling of instrument channel sales

the most important thing for instrument dealers to think about is profit. Every boss is thinking about how to make the enterprise bigger and make the business stable, sustainable development and sustainable profit, but real life is very cruel, and most dealers are facing the problem of difficult sales growth

for instrument dealers, 10million, 30million, 50million and 100million face four thresholds. The first threshold for mom and pop stores is 10million. Some dealers have worked hard for many years and have not been able to exceed 10million. The second threshold is 30million. For instrument dealers, 30million means the boss' personal sales limit. If you want to make a breakthrough, you must cultivate a sales team. It is difficult to make a breakthrough without a good sales team. The third threshold is 50million, facing management upgrading. Enterprises must be standardized in order to break the threshold of 50million. If we want to break through the fourth hurdle of 100 million, we must have good product agency rights, such as international brands such as Shimadzu, semefi, Agilent, or channel providers with service ability to do system engineering. According to the survey of "yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute, at present, there are no more than 100 domestic instrument channel providers with a sales volume of more than 100 million yuan. Many dealers can't exceed 100 million in their lifetime. Then why is it that the sales growth of dealers is slow and difficult to break through, and has not exceeded 100 million

"bad brand, poor team, loose management" for dealers, there are too many reasons and reasons. Maybe every dealer's answer is different. When we can't do well, we must reflect, why can't I do well? What factors affect our ability to do well

in the final analysis, there are three factors: brand, boss pattern and team

first, a suitable brand is a good brand

every channel business wants to be an agent of a big brand. After all, companies such as Shimadzu, Agilent and semefi are a minority, so choosing products suitable for their own size is the most important thing, which is required by the machine base, actuator, column, special hydraulic collet that can guarantee tensile and compressive fatigue tests. We all know that all products that sell well in the market conform to two laws, The first is "first", the second is "only". The so-called first is brand. The first brand of each category is almost the largest in market sales, and almost all dealers with sales of hundreds of millions have first-line brands. Brand is the weapon of dealers, and weapons determine your future. The only point is that the product is not a brand, but its characteristics are very unique and still attract consumers to buy. Every consumer has consumption belief, which comes from the first and only

when all dealers choose products, it is the best to choose the products that are suitable for them periodically, and choose the products with technical characteristics so that customers can remember them

second, the height and mind of the boss

due to the particularity of the products in the instrument industry, the overall market scale is small, and many dealers are not strong. The core reason for their weakness is the mind of the boss. Can they accommodate better talents than themselves?, The boss is like the ceiling. The height of the ceiling determines the scale of business and the height of employees, while the speed of boss learning and change determines the scale of enterprise development

Kesi Chuang can provide appropriate material solutions. Third, the diversification of the team.

in the process of management, only personal use is also one of the bottlenecks of enterprise development. The small scale of the enterprise makes it easy for its own people to use it, which is not easy to leave, and the cost is low. Now half of the dealers still adopt the family management system, but once the scale of the enterprise develops, it is not conducive to the future development of solving the stuck phenomenon

second, talents should be diversified, more talents should be introduced, absolute family management should be shielded, and fresh blood should become the continuous driving force for the development of the company

"yishanghui" Enterprise Research Institute concluded that the sales upgrading is in direct proportion to the learning and growth speed of the boss and the mind pattern. If you want to achieve a breakthrough of 10million, 30million, 50million and 100million, you need to make efforts that ordinary people cannot understand. Each level of improvement is the result of the cultivation of the life pattern

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