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How to break through the dilemma in the plastic milk bottle industry

[China Packaging News] now in the market, the packaging of milk bottles is becoming more and more abundant, and there are all kinds of materials. Plastic bags, plastic milk bottles, glass milk bottles, cartons and cans. Among them, we found that plastic milk bottles, once the mainstream packaging type in the market, were increasingly marginalized, which is worth pondering

plastic milk bottles once occupied the leading position in the milk packaging market with the advantages of low packaging price and falling resistance. However, change is the eternal theme. The long-term use of plastic milk bottles has led to the oxidation of the sealing ring, so it is increasingly marginalized. The problem itself is still on the plastic milk bottle itself. The plasticizer and bisphenol A incident made people doubt the safety of plastic bottle packaging, which cast a shadow on the development of plastic milk bottles. More and more people begin to choose to use glass milk bottles and other milk bottle packaging that are considered safer, so that milk enterprises have to start from consumer preferences and replace new packaging to win the favor of consumers. Another problem is that the recyclability of plastic milk bottles is low, the degradation ability is poor, and the damage to the environment is very obvious. On the contrary, kostron has made great efforts in this field. Around a series of new scientific and technological products including polyurethane, the recycling rate of glass milk bottles is high, which not only saves cost but also protects the environment. Carton packaging is also better than plastic milk bottles in terms of degradation. The first author of this article

focus on the research of additives for thermoplastic elastomer materials and products; The research on energy conservation, environmental protection and circular economy is led by Anhui Jianghuai cable group

to sum up, the dilemma caused by plastic milk bottles is due to their own problems, so improving their own defects is the breaking point

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