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How can pharmaceutical e-commerce break through the bottleneck

according to statistics, the total volume of pharmaceutical e-commerce transactions in China reached 1.665 billion in 2012, and this figure is expected to reach nearly 5billion in 2013, with a growth rate of more than 300%. Looking forward to China's nearly trillion pharmaceutical market every year, pharmaceutical e-commerce is a blue ocean with great potential. However, in recent years, the seemingly prosperous pharmaceutical e-commerce market has also begun to highlight some problems, and various bottlenecks have made major pharmaceutical e-commerce companies feel like a mountain under the roof. How to break through has become the main problem we are thinking about

pharmaceutical e-commerce is a double-edged sword

at present, pharmaceutical e-commerce faces three major challenges. One comes from the pharmaceutical e-commerce industry. Thousands of illegal drug purchase platforms have brought a huge impact to the entire pharmaceutical e-commerce industry, and the quality of the products sold cannot be guaranteed, affecting the personal rights and interests of consumers. The more drugs purchased through informal channels, the more they can reflect the drug purchase needs of consumers, which also shows that the market space for purchasing drugs is larger

second, its own advantages are not obvious. For example, the major e-commerce companies now brew good wine, perhaps because the alley is deep. In short, consumers do not know where to buy good wine. The author also learned about the situation with the operators of Kaixinren drugstore before, and learned that Kaixinren drugstore does not lack excellent products or high-quality services at present. It has close strategic cooperation with many large pharmaceutical enterprises, and the price of products is also very advantageous over offline drugstores. Kaixinren shangdrugstore is one of the first batch of pharmaceutical e-commerce companies to obtain the qualification of selling drugs in China. In order to guide consumers to use drugs safely and effectively, a team of pharmacists led by national seven-star pharmacists is specially equipped. All pharmacists take up their posts after strict examination and obtaining the qualification certificate of licensed pharmacist. It can be said that this kind of equipment is not comparable to pharmacies connected. How to let consumers understand and enjoy more professional and intimate professional pharmacist services is also a problem that pharmaceutical e-commerce needs to think about

third, the promotion of the whole activity is not strong. Take an activity currently promoted by happy people at the drugstore as an example. Buy one and get one free in the whole venue. The activity time is from October 14 to 20, a total of seven days. This activity has been very strong. However, the real problem lies ahead. Many consumers do not know that there is this preferential activity at all, and the activity may have ended. There are not a few pharmaceutical e-commerce companies that encounter the same problems as happy people when they go to pharmacies

How can pharmaceutical e-commerce break the bottleneck

facing such a severe situation, how can the pharmaceutical e-commerce leaders break the bottleneck of development? The author prescribes a good prescription for medical e-commerce with the same confusion:

prescription 1: medical e-commerce makes full use of Internet resources, carries out multi-channel platform promotion, and expands the popularity of the station. Carry out publicity through multiple platforms and channels, such as using social networking platforms: Official microblogging, official, etc. In addition to showing consumers the advantages of purchasing drugs on the Internet, they should also keep abreast of their own trends, promote some relevant health information, medication guidelines, etc., and enhance consumers' attention to the brand, which is the top priority

prescription 2: to obtain consumer confidence, the demand for new non-ferrous metal materials including silicon, cobalt, lithium, indium, bismuth, germanium, gallium, selenium, tellurium, zirconium, chromium and so on is increasing, and even rely on services. Nowadays, in the era of rapid development of the Internet, a large number of general manager Liu Dunwei said that interest, email and advertising have attracted the attention of many people, and the most important thing that can ultimately make it develop is that whoever can provide high-quality services for consumers will have the priority voice of the future pharmaceutical e-commerce industry. ① Strictly control the purchase channels, so that consumers can get assured products; ② The customer service staff should receive regular professional training and communication for every 10% reduction in vehicle weight, grasp relevant professional knowledge in time, provide more professional services for consumers, and reply to consumer inquiries carefully and patiently; ③ Logistics and distribution services, to ensure that the goods are clean, tidy and delivered quickly, take each order seriously, and ensure that the drugs can quickly reach the hands of consumers; ④ After sales service: how can an enterprise, especially the pharmaceutical e-commerce platform, gain the trust of consumers? It is not only the product details page that needs to be optimized, but also the after-sales service is a reliable evaluation of consumers on merchants. If the after-sales service is done well, consumers will have a sense of trust in the business

prescription ⑤ APM calculation formula 3: mobile e-commerce. Mobile Internet has entered an unprecedented period of rapid development. Under this general trend, by establishing a mobile Internet drug purchase mode, we can give consumers more drug purchase platforms. The integration of mobile Internet and traditional industries has given birth to new application modes. Driven by new technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing and IOT, the integration of traditional industries and Internet is showing new characteristics, and the platform and mode have changed. The author suggests that pharmaceutical e-commerce leaders should start to pay attention to and dabble in WAP stations and app applications, which is the general trend

to sum up, it is not difficult to see that if pharmaceutical e-commerce changes its thinking, it cannot just solidify its thinking to do its own. At the same time, we should broaden our thinking and add more platforms for promotion. Increase the popularity of the station through various channels

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