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Industrial robot industry how to break through the core technology

in recent years, with the rapid development of economy, the scientific and technological level is also increasing day by day. Automation and Ai Ai have become synonymous with the new century, and will also become the main global trend in the future

however, the research shows that this trend is currently facing the core bottleneck of too high robot cost. Only if it is lower than the artificial cost, you can try: Ben's robot will be widely used in society, thus making China's world competitiveness in an invincible position

now that the development of industrial robots has experienced more than 40 years of history, and the accuracy and advanced level have been breathtaking, we can still find that in China, the research on using precision reducers in the application field of industrial robots is still relatively late compared with foreign countries, the technology is immature, and there is a large gap with foreign advanced technology, forming a situation that precision reducers cannot be self-sufficient, The drawback of relying heavily on imports

because the most important basic component of industrial robots is also the core component of motion: precision reducer. The production of this core component is all controlled by the Japanese, and the two companies control the whole global market. This situation not only seriously restricts the development of industrial robots in China, but also restricts the development of robots in the world

however, with the unremitting efforts and research of Shengyu technology, a high-precision industrial robot reducer with completely independent intellectual property rights and all made in China has been developed. This new type of high-precision industrial robot reducer not only ensures the accuracy but also reduces the cost. Unlike traditional robots, they are equipped with servo motors at the joints, and use the space between the two joints to assemble a flexible deceleration system to ensure the motion accuracy and trajectory, while ensuring the accuracy, they also make effective use of space

at the same time, in terms of price, it is only one tenth of the existing robot price. It is worth mentioning that this robot has been put on the market for a long time, and has been used in related industrial production for one year for fatigue and durability

the emergence of high-precision industrial robot reducers with completely independent intellectual property rights and all domestic manufacturing not only effectively broke the Japanese monopoly on the reducer manufacturing technology of the world robot industry, but also led to the emergence of low-cost and high-precision reducer. Shandong Star Hi Tech returned customers or customers came to consult Liu qiangxun, chief engineer of Jixiang Automobile Research Institute, and achieved a breakthrough in basic components, At the same time, it will bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the robot industry, and even set off the fourth industrial revolution

throughout history, we can find that the three industrial revolutions are marked by the replacement of hand tools by machines, the wide application of electricity, the invention and application of atomic energy, electronic computers, space technology and bioengineering in 123 new food safety testing rooms planned to be built this year. We can predict that the next industrial revolution will be in the field of robots. Several robots operate together, which is efficient and high-end. As a manipulator, humans only need to have wisdom


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