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How to break through the bottleneck of green logistics

it is urgent for China to vigorously develop green logistics and promote energy conservation and environmental protection in the fields of warehousing, transportation and distribution, which is an important measure to promote the green development of China's economy in the new era. However, with regard to the development of green logistics, there is little experience accumulated in the past, insufficient understanding of enterprises, difficulties in landing expert academic research papers, and the lack of induction and sorting of various energy-saving equipment and technologies, which have kept the concept of green logistics floating in the air and cannot be landing, and there are many practical problems

how to solve the problems faced by the development of green logistics? Where is the key breakthrough in developing green logistics, how to find a realistic path to develop green logistics, and put forward operable and easy to implement solutions. At present, the development of green logistics still has a long way to go, and promoting the development of green logistics in China has always been a public welfare undertaking that seeks no return. Green logistics is everyone's responsibility, and we need to work together

problems and solutions in the development of green logistics

1. Ideological issues

at present, many enterprises also believe that "China's green logistics" is only an advanced concept that cannot be implemented, and has little to do with the current operation and management of enterprises. In the survey, many enterprises said that this is the future development direction, and they are willing to contribute to reducing air pollution and carbon emissions, but they can't find a starting point, and they don't know where to do it to promote the development of green logistics

the problems faced by enterprises are realistic and the market competition is fierce. If the promotion of green logistics cannot help enterprises improve their competitiveness, solve the practical problems faced by enterprises, provide advanced and practical cases and benchmarks for enterprises, and provide advanced and applicable green logistics technology and equipment for enterprises, it is useless to shout slogans again

solutions: in our research, we found that in addition to the technologies such as electric trucks that have attracted widespread attention, there are many advanced and applicable green logistics technologies and equipment. These technologies and equipment can not only help enterprises save energy and reduce consumption, but also improve enterprise operation efficiency, reduce operation costs and enhance enterprise competitiveness. Therefore, we summarized and sorted out the advanced equipment and technology solutions of four major categories and more than 40 sub categories of green logistics according to the research. According to this classification, we comprehensively solicited equipment and technology products and suppliers from enterprises, established a "green logistics equipment and technology solution library", and really promoted the work of green logistics by promoting advanced and applicable technologies

in addition, the low-cost automation technology that has been paid attention to and promoted in Japan and other countries at present, with the help of the potential energy of the object weight itself and the ingenious design of automatic machinery, realizes some automated logistics operations without taking any power, and is also a green logistics technology equipment with low cost and high efficiency. For example, the value system of unpowered logistics conveying materials in unpowered logistics conveying belt system and express packaging of live fish is a typical green logistics conveying system

for some purely ideological issues, we must also strengthen publicity to change ideas. For example, galvanized shelves and rollers can avoid painting and electroplating processes and reduce the pollution in the production process. The products are not only cheap, but also of good quality, which is convenient for promotion and application. However, in the actual promotion, they encounter problems that are not accepted by users because the appearance of the products is not beautiful, so it is necessary to strengthen the publicity and promotion of users and change their ideas

2. The problem of high cost of green logistics technology and equipment

in the process of promoting green logistics technology innovation, one of the biggest problems encountered is that many green logistics technology and equipment tend to have high one-time purchase costs, which are at a cost disadvantage in project bidding, and enterprises are unwilling to purchase

this is a very practical problem, which is also caused by the misunderstanding of enterprises. In fact, although the one-time purchase cost of many advanced energy-saving logistics technology and equipment is high, enterprises can reduce energy consumption, improve operation efficiency, reduce maintenance times, and greatly reduce enterprise operating costs in the process of using these technology and equipment. From the perspective of life cycle, considering the purchase cost and use cost comprehensively, they have a great cost advantage

solution: analyze the cost of green logistics equipment and technology with the concept of product life cycle, and comprehensively consider the purchase cost and the use cost of practical application, which is conducive to users' understanding of the total cost and the promotion of green logistics technology

we often call the market problems caused by the use of products after sales as "post market". The concept of life cycle is to combine the pre-sales market with the after-sales market of products, and study the "post market" problems of green logistics facilities and equipment, which is an important concept to promote the green logistics action plan

at the same time, by carrying out pilot demonstration work, giving appropriate financial support to advanced pilot demonstration enterprises is an important means to start the market mechanism, stimulate market vitality and promote green logistics

3. E-commerce logistics green packaging problem

with the rapid development of China's e-commerce, the e-commerce material flow and the number of e-commerce packages have shown explosive growth. According to the latest data, there are more than 50billion e-commerce logistics packages this year. At present, in order to avoid the damage of commodities caused by rough handling in transportation, small commodities usually need to be packed layer by layer, and the packaging tapes, plastic bags, cartons, cartons, foam fillers, etc. cannot be recycled, and even some packaging materials are toxic, causing serious waste and environmental pollution, which has become a serious social problem

it should be noted that the green packaging of e-commerce logistics is not only the focus of attention at present: the green packaging of end packages. E-commerce logistics includes the transportation, warehousing, sorting, processing, distribution and other links of commodities, which also involve the unpacking, sorting, duplication and transitional packaging of products. With the explosive growth of e-commerce, how to realize the green packaging of e-commerce logistics system has become one of the biggest problems in the field of green logistics in China, and also one of the biggest social focus problems in the field of green environmental protection in China

solution: in 2012, I proposed a solution to the problem of green packaging in e-commerce logistics. The basic principle is: first, promote the reduction of packaging: resolutely reduce the packaging that can be reduced, and no packaging waste will be generated after the reduction. This is the most environmental protection plan and should be the most priority policy; The second is to promote the recycling of packaging: that is, for packaging that cannot be reduced, packaging waste can be greatly reduced through the recycling of packaging; Third, the recycling of packaging materials: for packaging materials that cannot be reduced or recycled, recyclable packaging materials, such as cartons, should be used to facilitate the recycling of packaging waste. Finally, the environmental degradation of packaging materials: it should be noted that environmental degradation must be emphasized. It is not only green that can be degraded. Many degradable materials may not be environmental friendly in the degradation process, and the degradation process will also bring serious pollution

in addition, we have seen that some cities have begun to promote the compulsory waste classification measures of no classification or no cleaning and transportation of waste, we have seen that Hong Kong is promoting the policy of charging waste treatment fees according to the amount of user waste, and we have seen that Germany has introduced a new packaging Law (verpackg) which will take effect on January 1, 2019. The new packaging law in Germany forces manufacturers or sellers to register and apply for licenses for products containing packaging for the first time, including external packaging, final retail packaging, disposable containers/containers used in the catering industry, transportation of packaging materials, etc., and forces enterprises to declare the packaging materials, types and weights for sale. Failure to comply will result in fines and sales bans of up to 50000 euros. These are very effective measures to promote green logistics packaging, which are worthy of our reference

4. Policy support for green logistics

green logistics is a systematic project. To promote the development of green logistics, it is far from enough to rely on the strength of the market. Promoting green logistics and PHB is a semi crystalline isotactic (stereoscopic) polymer. The social benefits often have little to do with enterprises, but they need enterprises to purchase better equipment, increase project capital investment, and carry out technological and management innovation, which will bring short-term cost increases to enterprises and seriously affect their enthusiasm

in addition, some advanced energy-saving and consumption reduction technologies, such as solar photovoltaic power generation, have great social benefits, but the investment cost is high and the payback period is long. Without state subsidies, it is difficult to have a good return on investment, which is also a problem that can not be solved only by market forces

solution: at present, the state has issued a series of supporting policies for energy conservation and consumption reduction. First, it is necessary to sort out and investigate various national and local policies and subsidies in energy conservation and consumption reduction (such as solar photovoltaic power generation), and summarize these subsidies and supporting policies, which can help enterprises understand the preferential and subsidy policies for energy conservation and consumption reduction, and help enterprises apply for relevant policy support

secondly, in the field of trade logistics, we should also study special green logistics policies and measures, establish corresponding subsidy mechanisms, and promote the development of green logistics in the field of trade logistics

breakthrough analysis of promoting the development of green logistics

1. Breakthrough of green logistics infrastructure

the development of green warehousing is an important breakthrough of green logistics infrastructure. From the aspect of reasonable setting of storage network and various facilities, the layout is required to be reasonable to save transportation costs. If the layout is too dense, the number of transportation will increase, thus increasing resource consumption; If the layout is too loose, it will reduce the efficiency of transportation and increase the no-load rate. In addition, the corresponding environmental impact assessment should be carried out before the construction of the warehouse, taking full account of the local environment. The warehouse is the largest industrial merger and acquisition case in the history of that year. In the process of construction, it is also required to strictly implement the "three synchronization" policy to avoid potential environmental damage factors caused by the construction of the warehouse and the storage of goods, which greatly improves the reliability of environmental protection

from the perspective of warehouse construction, energy conservation of warehouse buildings and lighting are all very important aspects. Especially in the construction of cold storage, it is the most important measure to make full use of building energy-saving materials and reduce energy waste. Logistics operations are different from ordinary buildings. The cold storage requires frequent loading and unloading of goods, and the warehouse door often needs to be opened. How to achieve the seamless connection between the refrigerator car and the cold storage door is also an important aspect of reducing energy consumption. In terms of lighting, natural light lighting and energy-saving and environment-friendly LED lighting can greatly save energy consumption

the most important thing for the warehouse to achieve green energy conservation is to use roof resources, carry out photovoltaic distributed power generation of new energy, use it spontaneously, and realize the utilization of clean energy and new energy. It is also the largest and most direct breakthrough in energy conservation and consumption reduction

2. Breakthrough of green logistics operation

using green logistics equipment to realize green warehousing operation is also an important breakthrough of green logistics operation. In the green logistics center, some products are harmless to human body, have little impact on the environment, have simple product structure without reducing functions, and can be followed

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