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Recently, the United States banned Harbin Institute of technology and other colleges and universities from using the American industrial software MATLAB, which triggered widespread discussion in the academic and technical circles. As an important foundation and core support of intelligent manufacturing, industrial software is closely integrated with advanced industrial products and the high-end equipment manufacturing industry vigorously promoted by the state. It is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and realize the strategy of manufacturing power. However, with the prominence of the importance of industrial software, industrial software has also become one of the means to curb the rise of China's intelligent manufacturing in trade disputes. Mastering core technology has increasingly become an important part of industrial construction and even national development

industrial software plays a decisive supporting role in the development of China's industry

China Economic Times: how to view the supporting role of industrial software in the development of China's industrial enterprises

Zhao Min: industrial software is used in energy, mining, raw materials, manufacturing and other industrial fields and industrial processes. The connotation of industrial software is very rich, and the traditional manufacturing information software is only a subset of it

there is no doubt that industrial software plays a decisive supporting role in the development of China's industry. This support is reflected in two aspects: one is the technical support for industrial products, and the other is the strategic support for the industrial system

the technical support function of industrial products is reflected in two aspects: first, human-computer interactive industrial software has changed the traditional design, process, production and operation and maintenance methods. In cyberspace, the shape, state, motion law and other aspects of digital products can be iteratively optimized at any time, so that the industrial process can ensure agility, lean and accuracy from the beginning of design. Second, embedded industrial software shapes the five senses and brain of physical products. The behavior of products in physical space is automatically adjusted with the scene, and its physical shape, state, motion law and so on are iteratively optimized in physical space at any time

the strategic supporting role of industrial system is also reflected in two aspects: first, although the annual output value of industrial software in China is only about 500billion yuan, which is only a fraction of the industrial output value of 38 trillion yuan (2019), the amplification, empowerment and innovation role of industrial software itself can pry and lead industrial production at least ten times, It can affect 5 trillion yuan and 10 trillion yuan of high-value equipment. Second, without the two industrial software mentioned above, complex industrial products cannot be designed at all (Interactive industrial software must be relied on), and the designed industrial equipment cannot run (embedded industrial software must be relied on). If the software in all self-developed or imported equipment in the past 40 years of reform and opening up is removed, all equipment will become scrap metal

Gao Dan: China is accelerating the intelligent development of manufacturing industry. In the whole promotion process, industrial software is the key to the intelligent development of manufacturing industry, and it is also the soul of promoting the development of modern manufacturing industry and enhancing the competitiveness of national manufacturing industry in the future. Modern manufacturing is the product of the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing. Software is embedded in manufacturing from R & D to production to sales and services. It involves the integration of hardware, software, network, computing and other technologies and manufacturing technologies, and industrial software is the most critical technology. Whether it is the integration of hardware, network, computing and manufacturing technology, it is inseparable from software definition, coding and packaging

Huang Luchuan: industrial software is based on the abstraction and logical sorting of industrial knowledge and experience, and meets the needs of specific industrial scenarios. It is an important achievement of the software of industrial technology

traditional industrial software covers all aspects of enterprise R & D and design, production control, assembly and testing, after-sales operation and maintenance, remote service and so on. It mainly supports the efficiency improvement and quality improvement of all aspects of industrial enterprises by means of informatization. Industrial software based on the industrial interconnection platform, in addition to the informatization capabilities provided by traditional industrial software, can also bring support for the reform of the business model of manufacturing industry, including collaborative research and development, personalized customization, network manufacturing, operation and maintenance, time-sharing leasing and other fields

the essence of industrial software is the modeling, modularization, standardization and software of enterprise knowledge and technical know-how, which can effectively promote the dominance, public ownership, organization and systematization of knowledge, and greatly facilitate the application and reuse of knowledge. By transforming the existing industrial technology into industrial software, human work will change from complex direct control of machines and production resources to easy control of machines through industrial software, or even autonomous control of machines by industrial software. The form of human labor will gradually change from physical labor to more meaningful knowledge creation work, thus greatly improving the value of individual labor. Industrial software can better protect and inherit industrial technology experience and knowledge, operate faster and apply on a larger scale, so as to amplify the effect of industrial technology ten times or even a hundred times, and promote the precipitation, reuse and reconstruction of industrial knowledge

the gap between China's industrial software and its foreign counterparts continues to widen

China Economic Times: at present, what are the weaknesses of China's basic software and industrial software

Zhao Min: the backwardness of basic software and industrial software in China is shocking. After long-term observation and analysis with some industry experts, I agree that industrial software is the only industrial segment product field that has continuously widened the gap with its foreign counterparts since the reform and opening up

in short, it can be divided into three aspects: history, current situation and cognition

history: first, since the 1980s, college teachers have mainly developed industrial software, which is difficult to commercialize. Most of the software developed in Colleges and universities died or became laboratory tools. A small number of enterprises that went out of colleges and universities to develop independently insisted. Second, most foreign industrial software originated from industrial giants and optimized in industrial scenarios. However, domestic industrial software has been lack of enterprise intervention since the beginning, and it cannot be iterated and optimized in the industrial scene, which makes it difficult for the software to be suitable for the industrial scene and lacks market competitiveness. Third, I don't understand the protection and promotion of intellectual property rights on the development of industrial software. After joining the WTO, I began to pay attention to intellectual property rights, but I haven't been able to crack down on piracy effectively and comprehensively. Fourth, ignore basic scientific research. All software ultimately needs strong support from basic scientific research

current situation: first, the financial system does not match, and the software cannot be made into enterprise fixed assets. Second, large state-owned enterprises generally use foreign software, and dare not make decisions to use domestic software instead. Third, in the Sino US trade friction, industrial software has become a digital weapon to accurately attack Chinese enterprises

cognition: first, leaders at all levels are not clear about the concept of industrial software, mixing industrial software with it software. Second, the statistical caliber of industrial software is chaotic, or there is no statistical caliber of industrial software at all. Third, I think that industrial software can be short-term and fast, and the investment can see benefits. I am not willing to make long-term planning and investment

Gao Dan: first, the foundation is thin. Compared with European and American countries, the research and development of basic software and industrial software in China is relatively late. As the core part of the whole software system, basic software is the basis for the development of all application software. The monopoly effect has long been formed. Therefore, domestic basic software manufacturers that started late have a difficult replacement process and are difficult to break the industry monopoly; In the field of industrial software, the industrialization process started late, the accumulation of industrial informatization experience is weaker, the volume of industrial software market is small, and there is still a certain gap in the product technical strength of leading enterprises. At the same time, there is an imbalance in the value chain of China's industrial software industry. In the high-end core technology links of the value chain, such as R & D and design software, the degree of autonomy is very low, while in the relatively low-end management software and other fields of the value chain, the degree of autonomy is relatively high

second, it is difficult to apply. China's basic software and industrial software lack the corresponding industrial ecosystem. On the one hand, the reason is that the ecosystem of foreign manufacturers has long been formed, the upstream, middle and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain are complete, and the user habits have long been formed. The ecological construction of domestic manufacturers is in the initial stage, which is not perfect, and it is difficult to really change the user habits; On the other hand, foreign-funded enterprises monopolize most of the top customers. In terms of core technology, product maturity and the perfection of marketing channels, domestic manufacturers are difficult to compete with foreign-funded enterprises

third, less innovation. China's basic software and industrial software enterprises lack innovation. Domestic manufacturers can compete with foreign enterprises in some fields, but there is still a certain gap in the comprehensive strength of products, which is in the role of catching up and lack of innovation and breakthrough. The first reason is the lack of relevant support policies specifically for innovation. Second, enterprises lack innovation funds. At this stage, domestic manufacturers mostly raise their own funds, and there are few investment cases in the field of basic software and industrial software. The lack of financial means leads to the lack of enterprise R & D funds, and the innovative R & D of basic software and industrial software products often requires huge financial and human resources. Third, there are few talents. Talent training is the top priority of the development of basic software and industrial software. At present, there is a problem that the combination of schools and enterprises is not close enough in talent training in China. There is a gap in talent training for key universities and major majors in the field of basic software and industrial software. At the same time, relevant software talents are also facing the siphon effect of being attracted by high salaries in the Internet industry, resulting in an increasing gap of industrial talents

Huang Luchuan: I think there are two weaknesses in the short version of basic software and industrial software in China

first, there is a lack of sufficient data to support. The core of industrial software is industrial basic data, and the function of industrial software supported by data is powerful. However, at present, the control protocols of equipment from different manufacturers are different, and the protocols between manufacturers are not open, which makes it difficult for machines and equipment to connect, to collect equipment operation data, and to encapsulate industrial knowledge

the second is the lack of empowerment of micro service function modules in the industrial professional technology field. The industrial interconnection platform is positioned in the industrial operating system and is an important carrier of industrial app, which supports the intelligent application of industrial interconnection platform. The development of industrial software is limited by the lack of empowerment of micro service function modules in the field of industrial expertise. The microservice function module encapsulates industrial principles such as industrial technology, knowledge, experience and models in the industrial interconnection platform for industrial app developers to call. The degree of industrial specialization is high, the know-how difference is large, and the precipitation and application of industrial knowledge, experience and mechanism are difficult. However, the soft foundation of China's manufacturing process is weak, resulting in the serious lack of mechanism model in China's manufacturing industry. This requires the industrial interconnection platform to have greater precipitation in cross industry and cross field expertise and knowledge

advantages and disadvantages of large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises establishing industrial software enterprises

China Economic Times: large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises have developed some industrial software for their own applications in business practice, and some manufacturing enterprises have also established industrial software enterprises. What are the advantages and disadvantages of establishing industrial software enterprises in manufacturing enterprises

Zhao Min: some large enterprises have set up their own software enterprises to specially develop industrial software suitable for their own enterprises. This is what enterprises should do and worth encouraging

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