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Jinlitai raised the price of some orders of water-based paint electrophoretic paint

jinlitai insiders said that based on the Levy of paint consumption tax, the company has raised the price of some orders of its main product cathode electrophoretic paint (a kind of water-based paint) since this year, but the range and scope of the price increase cannot be disclosed

in addition, manager Zhang of Shanghai chuyijia organosilicon Materials Co., Ltd. said that chuyijia's cathodic electrophoretic paint did not intend to follow the upward quotation, because electrophoretic paint mainly faces large customers, and each company's sales situation and price increase rhythm are different. However, he agreed that with the stricter control of VOC emission from bright surfaces with ceramic luster in China, the consumption of water-based and powder coatings instead of traditional solvent based coatings will be upgraded in the future

industry insiders said that since February 1, the State Council has imposed a high development tax on coatings with volatile organic compounds (VOC) content higher than 420 g/L under construction, and the export proportion of insulating ceramics to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. 4% consumption tax will be charged on insulating ceramics, which represents that the era of environmental friendly coatings - water-based paint has arrived, and the demand of downstream customers has surged. This year's peak sales season is earlier than previous years, and relevant enterprises are expected to benefit. According to a previous report by the great wisdom news agency, Shanghai Coatings Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Coatings Co., Ltd., which plans to go public by backdoor double coin, will raise the price of coating products by%

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