Artificial diamond for the hottest grinding wheel

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Artificial diamond for grinding wheel dressing tools in the dressing process of grinding wheels, the use of artificial diamond dressing tools is often the best alternative to natural diamond dressing tools. The reason is that the use of artificial diamond dressing tools can ensure that the dressing process of grinding wheels can obtain stable and consistent dressing quality. This is a key conclusion reached by Mr. William D. James, the product engineer of the fixed tool group of jiaves company, on the artificial diamond dressing tools

according to Mr. James, from the beginning, he believed that synthetic diamond tools are a product with more stable quality, because it can control the structure more accurately through the manufacturing process, and its quality can be predicted in advance. At present, the market can provide a variety of artificial diamond tools with precise tolerance dimensions, which are uniformly rectangular as a whole and longer than the longest extending natural diamond. As he explained, all diamonds used for dressing tools, whether natural or synthetic, will gradually expand their wear surfaces over time. For natural diamond, with the expansion of the size of the wear surface, problems begin to occur, and finally because the wear surface is too large to play the role of grinding and dressing the grinding wheel. The result is that the dressing tool cannot reconstruct the grain structure of the grinding wheel, but results in the closure of the grain structure, making the grinding wheel blunt. The structure and shape of synthetic diamond are very uniform, so their wear surface will not expand to the point where the above situation occurs

3-point and 5-point diamond dressing tools are composed of "evenly distributed artificial diamond blades"

the diamond blade on the tool adopts straight or angular picture source: two installation forms of danimerscientific degree

the characteristic that artificial diamond will not become blunt means that it will never need to be polished like natural diamond. Similarly, the longer artificial diamond has a longer service life than the shorter natural diamond. For these reasons, the use of artificial diamond dressing tools can avoid the two major obstacles encountered in the shutdown of machine tools, the interruption of work during tool indexing or the replacement of the whole tool

Mr. James divided the manufacturing of artificial diamond dressing tools into six steps:

(1) choose between single crystal and CVD (chemical vapor deposition) diamond. In fact, the working effects of these two types of diamonds are good, and the number of days of ozone exceeding the standard in Nanjing is more than 50 days. While single crystal diamonds seem to be more durable, but their prices are also slightly more expensive

(2) there are certain regulations on the size and shape of diamond. They must meet the requirements of specific grinding applications, and then determine the amount of diamond used. Unlike single point natural diamond tools, artificial diamond tools of the same type can install 5-point diamonds or more on the blade. Generally speaking, the larger the grinding wheel, the more diamond is required to trim the grinding wheel tool

(3) attention must be paid to the correct installation direction of diamond. Under normal use, they must be installed at a certain angle. Only when the workload is heavy, the straight installation can be adopted

(4) the tools must be properly installed; to configure. The blade plate with multi-point diamond must be installed vertically, so that when the tool is trimmed against the grinding wheel, what the grinding wheel sees is only the diamond width of one point

(5) when dressing the grinding wheel, appropriate dressing parameters must be used, and the same parameters must be insisted on. The dressing parameters used by artificial diamond are the same as those used by natural diamond, but if its speed and feed rate exceed the recommended requirements and overheat occurs, then artificial diamond tools will wear quickly

(6) Mr. Ames said, "no matter whether artificial diamond is used to improve the working stability of grinding wheel, or whether it is used to reduce downtime, operators should avoid interrupting production due to indexing diamond tools. In short, the application prospect of artificial diamond dressing tools is promising." (end)

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