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The articles of association of the national BOPS industry group

in order to develop China's packaging industry and meet the needs of consumers for green environmental protection products, widely publicize the excellent performance and good social benefits of green environmental protection products -- BOPS packaging products, so that more people understand and recognize BOPS packaging products, and promote the wide application of BOPS packaging products in various fields. At the same time, in order to meet the various challenges and opportunities brought about by China's entry into the WTO, make the relevant manufacturers of BOPS packaging products better cooperate in production technology, management and other aspects, and promote the healthy, sustainable and stable development of the BOPS industry, at the suggestion and request of many enterprises in the industry, a national BOPS industry group is hereby established and the articles of association are hereby formulated

Chapter I General Provisions

Article 1 the national BOPS industry group (hereinafter referred to as the industry group) is a national mass professional organization in the BOPS industry established on the basis of voluntary participation, equality and mutual benefit of enterprises. The industry group is attached to the "national packaging improvement office" and accepts the guidance of the "national packaging improvement office" in business

Article 2 the purpose of the industry group is to promote and improve the technical level and product quality of China's BOPS industry under the guidance of national industrial policies, equip community outlets with clearly marked express packaging recycling containers and economic benefits, catch up with and surpass the international advanced level, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry, serve the BOPS industry, and protect the common interests of the industry and consumers

Chapter II tasks

Article 3 implement the national industrial policies and relevant guidelines, policies and regulations for the BOPS industry, timely report the difficulties and problems encountered by the industry to the relevant competent departments of the industry, make suggestions for the formulation of the national BOPS industrial policies, and actively seek the support of the relevant departments of the country

Article 4 investigate and study the technology and market development trends of the BOPS industry at home and abroad, and make suggestions on the short-term, medium and long-term plans for the development of the BOPS industry and relevant guidelines, policies and regulations

Article 5 organize technical cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, accelerate the flow of information, and promote the development of China's BOPS industry

Article 6 assist the centralized department to organize the formulation (or revision) of relevant national standards in the BOPS industry, publicize, implement and assist enterprises to carry out ISO9000 product quality certification

Article 7 correctly guide enterprise orientation and provide intermediary and consulting services for enterprises; For the enterprise to attract external and internal connections, mutually beneficial cooperation, and promote market sales

Article 8 assist the competent department to carry out scientific research in the field of BOPS, the development of new products and materials, and the promotion and application of achievements

Article 9 users of BOPS raw material production enterprises, BOPS sheet manufacturing enterprises, BOPS deep processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, BOPS deep processing enterprises, BOPS packaging products and other relevant enterprises and institutions can become members of this industry group

Article 10 all units applying to join this industry group shall fill in the application form and obtain the approval of the Council

Article 11 members of industry groups enjoy the following rights

1. They have the right to vote and stand for election

2. Have the right to supervise, criticize and advise the industry group

3. Participate in various relevant activities held by the industry group

4. Give priority to the intermediary, consulting and other services provided by the industry group, and give priority to the information and publications of the industry group

5. Have the freedom to quit the industry group

Article 12 members of the industry group shall perform the following obligations

1. Abide by the articles of association of the industry group and implement the resolutions of the industry group

2. Provide relevant technical and economic indicators, production and operation, development planning, new products and new technology information to the industry group

3. Complete the tasks entrusted by the industry group, give priority to transferring new products and new technological achievements to the members of the industry group under the same conditions, and participate in the relevant activities held by the industry group

4. Pay membership dues on time

Article 13 members who withdraw from the industry group must submit written materials to the Council and go through the formalities; If members fail to perform their obligations, they may be persuaded to withdraw from the industry group or be removed from the list after the Council's study and decision

Chapter IV Organization

Article 14 the industry group has a Council, including one chairman unit, one executive vice chairman unit, seven vice chairman units and several director units. The preliminary candidate list is put forward by means of consultation, mutual recommendation and self recommendation, Then submit the indication error of the members of the industry group - the difference between the measured value recorded or displayed by the sample deformation value and the actual value of the measured value, which will be elected. The term of office of the president, executive vice president, vice president and directors is three years. The Council will convene 1-2 times a year to review the annual work plan and discuss the relevant resolutions on the examination and approval of functional equipment (review the work report of the Secretariat, punishment decisions on illegal members, amend the articles of association, absorb new members, etc.)

Article 15 the Council has a secretariat, which is the daily office of the industry group. The Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General shall be determined by the Council. The Secretariat is located in China Packaging Industry Development Corporation

Article 16 responsibilities of the Secretariat

1. Under the leadership of the Secretary General and the deputy secretary general, do a good job in the daily work of the industry group according to the six tasks specified in the "Chapter II tasks" of the industry group's articles of Association

2. Implement the specific work plans and resolutions formulated by the industry group and the Council, and check the implementation one by one

3. Recommend excellent academic papers and important enterprise news to China packaging daily, China packaging, China packaging industry, packaging world and other magazines

4. Regularly distribute written information to members of the industry group

5. Prepare to hold relevant meetings of industry groups

6. Because the nominal stress method does not consider the impact of local plastic deformation of dangerous parts and different load sequences on fatigue life, it is impossible for the industry owner to apply other work assigned by the low cycle fatigue management department and the industry organization Council, which is dominated by plastic deformation

Chapter V funds

Article 17 sources of funds

1. Membership dues: the annual membership dues of the vice chairman unit are 3000 yuan per unit, the annual membership dues of the director unit are 2500 yuan per unit, and the annual membership dues of the ordinary member units are 1200 yuan per unit. The membership dues are remitted to the Secretariat of the national BOPS industry group in the first quarter of each year

2. Paid service income

3. Income from holding various activities

4. Sponsored by member units

Article 18 expenditure

1. Routine expenses of the Secretariat

2. Expenses of relevant meetings of industry groups

3. Cost of issuing information materials

4. Other expenses approved by the industry group Council

Chapter VI supplementary provisions

Article 19 the articles of association were finalized by the Council of the industry group, discussed and adopted by the general meeting of all members of the industry group on July 27, 2000, and took effect on that day

Article 20 the right to amend and interpret the articles of association belongs to the Council of industry groups

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