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Jinrui Futures - Shanghai Jiao high volatility multiple orders continue to hold

Shanghai Jiao (22720, -340.00, -1.47%, bar) high volatility multiple orders continue to hold

today's market review: in the next 10 years, the main contract 0811 of Shanghai Jiao jumped high at 23160, 430 points higher than the closing price of the previous trading day, and has been fluctuating around the daily average at a high level, with the highest intraday rush to 23245, the lowest dip to 22835, and finally closed at 23080 at the end of the day, It rose 350 from the previous trading day

operation suggestions for tomorrow: today, the main contract 0811 of Shanghai Jiaotong is at a high level, and the opening price has broken through yesterday's peak of 22870. At present, it is above the 10 day moving average, close to the 20 day moving average, so you can try to be long. Except for March, the operator made suggestions and continued to hold multiple orders. If you continue to break through today's highest point 23370, you can add more orders appropriately. It is found that the impact energy is calculated according to the damage degree of the pendulum to the impact sample. The stop loss point can be set at 22835

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