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Arrangement of color sequence of self-adhesive printing

1. Self adhesive printing products have full page field, as well as words, lines and patterns. For example, for printing products such as wine boxes and drug trademarks, the color sequence of printing is best to first print words, lines and patterns, and then put the full version on the spot after t for machine printing. In this way, 4. The development of bio based plastics can avoid the phenomenon that the paper collides and rubs with each other and the back is sticky and dirty when the self-adhesive paper is thick and the imprinting is not dry

2. Print the dark color on the front and the lighter color on the back. Because the ink with darker color has strong hiding power and strong adhesion, print it first on the front, which is convenient for accurate overprint. The hiding power of the light color is weak. It is difficult to observe when overprinting it on the back. Correspondingly, the effect of overprint is good

3. Often in a printed product, there are halftone four-color electrical separation points, as well as continuously adjustable patterns, words and lines. At this time, the electrical separation four-color points should be printed first, which is conducive to accurate overprint and reduce the influence of paper expansion, and then the continuously adjustable words, lines and drawings should be printed. In the arrangement of printing color sequence, it is necessary to recognize the primary and secondary of digital display hydraulic material testing machine, and it is necessary to check the measurement and control instruments, which is difficult first and easy later

4. In summer, the weather changes greatly, and in rainy seasons, it is necessary to control the temperature and humidity of the environment, which affects the expansion of the development of emerging markets for extruders by Chinese plastic machine enterprises in recent years. The moisture content of non dry offset paper is uneven and wrinkled; The paper stack and semi-finished products cut out should be tightly wrapped with plastic before and after printing

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