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Jinlun communication Wuhan Branch was officially established and operated in September. After trial operation at the beginning of this year, the Wuhan Branch of Shenzhen Jinlun Communication Co., Ltd. has finally been officially operated in Wuhan in September 2014. Jinlun communication Wuhan Branch was established in Wuhan, a city of great rivers and lakes, and a city of Han Feng and Han Yun Zhiyin. We are looking forward to Jinlun communication Wuhan Branch starting from this golden autumn season to better explore the market in central and southern China, better serve customers in central and southern China, and provide more comprehensive, thoughtful and high-quality enterprise communication ring fast, call a simple example of heart service to help enterprises improve work efficiency and sales performance! Create the brilliance of Jinlun communication

Jinlun communication Wuhan branch office space

Wuhan Branch is the 30th branch of Jinlun communication. It cooperates with Filip technologies to launch innovative second-generation children's wearable intelligent equipment - Filip 2. Relying on the 20-year industry experience of Jinlun communication, several branches directly under it will mainly provide enterprise communication and call center services for users in central and southern China, The specific services provided include: call center system, marketing system, customer service software, CRM customer management system, recording system, trunk line, 400 Liang number, switch, switch, telephone and other services. The establishment of Wuhan Branch continued to consolidate the reputation of Jinlun as the call center with the largest number of users, making the number of new users far ahead of the country. Jinlun communication has been favored by thousands of enterprises, and its brand reputation has soared rapidly. In 2014, the company complies with the needs of the market. Jinlun communication Wuhan Branch will take root in Hubei, serve central and southern China, and make down-to-earth efforts to bring Jinlun's first-class products and first-class services to everyone when the market and competitors feel uncertain

Jinlun communication Wuhan Branch looks forward to cooperating with you, and all employees of Jinlun Wuhan will serve you wholeheartedly

Jinlun communication Wuhan Branch Address: room 2902, Zhaofu international, No. 717, Wuluo Road, Wuhan


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