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Art and layout design of industry newspapers and periodicals

the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals can be said to be a chicken feather, but it is also very important. It's a chicken feather because it seems too trivial and inconspicuous. It's all fonts, sizes, pictures, colors and lines, which seem to make people look down on it and can't lift their spirits! It is very important because first, the layout design of the industry newspaper reflects your professional level of the industry newspaper. As the saying goes, laymen watch the excitement, and insiders watch the doorway. Whether your industry newspapers and periodicals are professional or not, insiders will know from the layout design. Second, it should not be sloppy and despised. We know that there is a book called "details determine success or failure", which is very appropriate for the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals. Because these seemingly trivial colors, patterns, font sizes, lines, pictures, etc., if handled well, can add color and beauty to our newspapers and periodicals; If handled carelessly, the trouble will be great. We know that last year, the Nanchang Evening News published a wrong picture. How much negative impact did this seemingly insignificant thing have on the whole country? And it has affected the future of the relevant personnel of the society to varying degrees. It's not a small thing! We also know that a problem with an article in the reader magazine last year, including an illustration in the accompanying article, caused great trouble, and caused nearly 10 million copies of the magazine to be withdrawn from the market, resulting in a direct economic loss of tens of millions of yuan to the magazine. A little earlier, a picture of Zhao Wei wearing fashion was published on the cover of Beijing's fashion magazine. After the magazine came out, people found that the pattern of Zhao Wei's fashion was the military flag of the Japanese Navy, but it was not seen in several trials, and the result was strongly echoed among readers. It's really a small thing

therefore, the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals is not only a highly professional business, but also recognized by foreign enterprises. It should not only be told to the artists of newspapers and periodicals. For all the presidents, editors in chief or department directors of the magazines present, as well as all the managers who are responsible for checking the manuscripts, it is also of great significance and plays an important role -

first, the editors of industry newspapers and periodicals should know a little about art and layout design

we know that it is very important to check the manuscripts of art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals. In addition, as the president, editor in chief or department director of a newspaper and periodical, You must also understand the art design business of newspapers and periodicals. Colleagues know that the industry newspapers and periodicals are facing the problems of insufficient staff and tight funds. Therefore, many industry newspapers and periodicals do not have full-time art. Some newspapers and periodicals outsource the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals to the art personnel of other units, while others are done by the text or department director, or even by the president and editor in chief. Then, whether the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals are outsourced or done by the Ministry itself, there is a problem of effective operation, review and management of the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals. As a president, editor in chief or department director of a newspaper and periodical agency, you need to know some knowledge in this regard in order to really manage the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals well and in place. If you don't understand this knowledge at all, you must have no spectrum in your heart, and you are likely to speak jargon or even make jokes in this highly professional business. In particular, I've heard that the editors of some industry newspapers and periodicals, including the president and editor in chief, are often transferred from other departments or have several positions. With less professional experience, it is inevitable that the professional level is uneven. If you think that you "enter Niangniang Temple, you are a incense burner", and think that as long as you sit in this seat, you can naturally become an expert, it is inevitable to make mistakes. For example, a magazine once asked a design colleague of mine to design a magazine cover plan. The initial plan was fairly acceptable, but the boss of the magazine was not familiar with business, but repeatedly put forward revision suggestions. At first, my colleague argued for reasons. Later, he realized that the boss was very unhappy, so he had to work "according to the East". How do you say I can change it, and finally change a "four unlike", which is extremely ugly! The boss recognized it, but it provoked the joke of "heroes in the Jianghu". Therefore, I think that if a president, editor in chief or department director of an industrial newspaper agency does not understand the general process of newspaper art and layout design, and does not understand some basic concepts in newspaper art design, what is font and size? What is column dividing and column changing? What is folio, paper category? For example, what is the three primary colors? What is color relation? What is the golden section law? How to regulate the relationship between black, white, gray, dot, line and surface of newspaper pages? How to arrange the cover of periodicals and the visual order of newspaper pages? How to reasonably choose the font, size, symbol and lace of each article in the newspaper layout design? What is color separation and plate making? What should we pay attention to in color printing of newspapers and periodicals? Wait, if you don't even understand the basic ABC of newspaper art and layout design, how can you manage the newspaper art design and layout beautification well and in place

therefore, I think that as the president, editor in chief or department director of a magazine, you must know a little about the art design business of newspapers and periodicals, and it is better to know more, and it is best to be proficient. For example, you also know some basic skills of graphic design, the balance, contrast, rhythm, change, implication and echo between various elements in graphic design, the tone, brightness, purity, warmth and coldness of a little color, and different colors can bring people different feelings and psychological changes. Even through extensive reading, you also have a high ability of aesthetic appreciation. You know what it means to "think before the pen and be confident" when designing the layout, what it means to "use less to win more, count white as black" when forming, and what it means to "be sparse and airtight", etc. It can not only manage the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals well, but also greatly enhance the beautification effect of your newspapers and periodicals and improve the aesthetic taste of newspapers and periodicals

people who run industry newspapers and periodicals have a saying that industry newspapers and periodicals do not have high requirements for art and layout design. Everyone does this, which is the same across the country. Needless to say, the art and layout design of trade journals, especially the cover design, is far from the design level of fashion journals we see in the market. Fashion magazine designs on the market can be said to be dazzling, competing for beauty. For example, which of the fashion periodicals we are familiar with, such as "fashion", "Ruili", "Elle world fashion garden", "girlfriend", "new weekly", "auto family", "humorist", "new room", is not eye-catching? Including some market-oriented periodicals in Jiangxi, such as football club, English learning, family know it all, they are all dressed up on the cover design without relaxation. It sounds like a magazine that serves agriculture, rural areas and farmers. It doesn't seem to care too much about the cover design. In fact, it is also working hard and dare not slack off (show Jiabai and Nongbai). Looking back at the cover design of industrial periodicals in our province (in order to prepare for this class, I specially went to the reference room of the newspaper and Periodical Department of the Provincial Publishing Bureau to make a little investigation). It should be said that my feeling is: there are really not many good and interesting ones. It can even be said that a considerable number of trade journals, in terms of cover design level, may still stay at the design level of the 1950s, some decades or even decades can not see any development and changes, and some trade journals basically have no layout design. This kind of industry journals, which are basically not designed and have remained unchanged for decades, borrow the line of "there is no thief in the world": there is no technical content at all

In my opinion, there are two main reasons why the gap between art design of industry journals and fashion journals is so obvious. One comes from objectivity. As mentioned above, most of the industry newspapers and periodicals operate on the funds allocated by the sponsor. Magazines themselves cannot be sold for money, and some are even free. Periodicals have no other economic income (such as advertising, etc.). Therefore, for many years, everyone seems to be facing two shortages (manpower and funds). Of course, it is impossible to set up professional art editing posts if there are insufficient staff. If there is insufficient funds, we can only spend as little as possible. If we can save, we can save, and simplify. Therefore, it objectively makes the art and layout design of industry newspapers and periodicals seem dispensable. As long as there is no problem with the newspapers and periodicals, whether the art and layout design is good or not, and whether the layout is beautiful, it does not seem to affect anyone's work performance. This is the objective reason why the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals in our industry generally appear rigid in form, lack of aesthetic feeling, outdated design concepts, and low artistic quality. Another reason is subjective. We can see that industry newspapers and periodicals do not need to actively face the market for survival and development. There is no need to worry that if the packaging design of the magazine is not good, it may not be sold, and the newspapers and periodicals cannot be sold. If there is not enough circulation, the newspapers and periodicals may be closed. The industry press itself has no such survival crisis. The large or small circulation of industry newspapers and periodicals seems to have nothing to do with the art and layout design of newspapers and periodicals. So art and layout design seem to be dispensable. However, if we speak from the height that a publisher should love his post and be dedicated to his work, the strict requirements that he should strive for perfection in his work, and the love for his own industry and his obsession with his career, the publisher of our industry newspapers and periodicals should and can overcome difficulties, transcend mediocrity, and run his own newspapers and periodicals with both high-quality content and formal beauty, both high-quality products and talents

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II. Cover design of industrial journals

the cover of journals has two understandings: broad and narrow. The cover in a broad sense includes cover one, cover two, cover three and cover four. Cover design generally refers to all the designs of these four parts. In a narrow sense, the cover only refers to one cover. The industry cover design discussed here mainly refers to the design of both the journal cover and the fourth cover (the back cover in the event of the day)

the cover design of periodicals is the most important work of periodical art design. In addition to the arrangement of patterns, colors and photos, the most important thing on the cover is the title design. In addition, there are the year, month and issue of publication. Some industry journals also indicate the publishing unit, journal logo or the main content of this issue on the cover

in addition to arranging the text and drawings, the design of the fourth cover must also be printed with the publication number, mailing code, pricing, address, postal code, etc. some industry journals also put the copyright page on the fourth cover. A few industry issues with many pages can be automatically archived and manually archived after the test. The journal also needs to be accompanied by a design spine, which indicates the title, year, month, issue, and publishing unit

the cover is the face and shape of a journal, which directly shows the spiritual outlook of the journal. It has the following functions: first, it plays a role in protecting periodicals, so the cover should choose better paper; The second is "self-report home", telling readers what kind of journal this is; Third, reflect the specific information of the journal, so no matter whether the key words of this issue are published on the cover or not, the cover design should consider how to reflect the content, nature and characteristics of this journal, and transmit the specific information of this journal with an accurate maximum load of 250 kn; Fourth, the role of art appreciation,

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