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On December 21, Jinling huaruan and China printing group co founded the China India Jinling digital content and cultural industry investment fund. The total scale of the fund is 3billion yuan. In fact, the experimental machine and people are almost the same. The main investment directions include digital publishing, digital content and related service enterprises

it is reported that the partners aim to promote the development of digital content, cultural and creative industries, optimize the financing environment for start-ups in relevant strategic emerging industries, and help them leap into the capital market through rapid development by making full use of the resource advantages they have. Strive to build Xicheng District of Beijing into a strategic support for the development of cultural and creative industries in Beijing and even the whole country, and make contributions to the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development of China's economy

at present, Jinling huaruan has initiated and managed multi-phase equity investment funds, including Jinling Huaxin (Beijing) industry fund, Zhonghua software (Hangzhou) investment fund, Jinling huaruan (Changzhou) investment fund and Huaxuan equipment (Shanghai) investment fund. The total scale of the managed funds exceeds RMB 3billion, has successfully invested in more than 20 high growth projects, and has promoted the successful listing of spotlight technology, Tongyou technology and other enterprises

the enterprises under Jinling huaruan investment group include Jinling investment, huaruan investment and 21st century angel investment, focusing on equity investment, venture capital and early angel investment respectively. Headquartered in Beijing, it has branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Changzhou and Hong Kong. At present, the recycling rate of waste plastics in China is not high

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