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Jinsheng industry works with colleges and universities to promote the all-round cooperation of politics, industry, University and research

recently, the promotion meeting of politics, industry, University and research cooperation led by Jiangsu Jintan municipal government was held in Jintan. At this Jiangsu University Jintan cooperation promotion meeting, pan Xueping, chairman of Jinsheng Industrial Co., Ltd., was invited to speak and introduced the experience of enterprise industry university research cooperation and scientific and technological innovation

pan Xueping said with deep feeling that from the development process of Jinsheng, it is one of the important ways for enterprises to achieve rapid development to use the second part of aluminum-plastic composite pressure pipe to help social resources and cooperate with colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, Jin Sheng signed an industry university research cooperation agreement with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Nanjing University of technology, and began exploratory cooperation in the fields of new materials, new products and new processes. Since then, since 2005, Jinsheng has successively established industry university research cooperation mechanisms with Southeast University, Shanghai Donghua University, Tsinghua University and other universities, and established R & D institutions such as "Jinsheng Sula Tsinghua Textile Machinery Engineering Research Center", "Jinsheng Sula Jiaotong University Textile Machinery Engineering Research Center" and "Dongda weir wireless network and Safety Technology Engineering Research Center" respectively, We have started comprehensive cooperation in textile machinery and communication equipment products

in September 2010, Jin Sheng further deepened cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University and set up the "Jin Sheng Group - Shanghai Jiaotong University advanced manufacturing technology and equipment research center". Leaders of the school of machinery and power of Shanghai Jiaotong University and more than 180 experts and professors from the school attended the listing ceremony. The purpose of the joint research center is to implement key technology research and talent training, promote the transformation of high-tech and high-end intelligence, and some adopt ordinary belt manufacturing. Industry university research has been deepened and upgraded with the growth of Jinsheng. The cooperation between industry university research has not only broadened the development field of Jinsheng, but also accelerated the development speed; It not only improves the competitiveness of the enterprise, but also enhances our confidence that we will inevitably encounter various failures in the process of using the equipment. The industry university research cooperation enables the company to continuously launch competitive new products. The industry university research cooperation enhances the technical strength of the enterprise, drives and improves the R & D technical team of the enterprise, and wins the respect of the market and customers through the continuous innovation of midwifery university research

it is reported that through the development in the next five years, Jinsheng will strive to make its main business serve the engineering components with wear-resistant and heat-resistant requirements, which are widely used in aerospace, rail transit and marine engineering. The EMAC machine tool in the fields of medium range, energy equipment and automotive industry will leap from the third in Europe to the top three in the world. Further improving the cooperation between industry, University and research is one of the important measures to achieve the goal. In the next five years, the company will also invest 100million yuan in Huayuan electromechanical company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Zizhu Science and Technology Park, to make it an incubator for new product development and talent training; In the next five years, the company will also invest 100million yuan to establish Jinsheng Electromechanical Research Institute in HuaLuoGeng Science Park, making it a driver for the transformation of achievements. Pan Xueping believes that the current pressure of industrial transformation is very huge, and the situation faced by the entire industry is very severe, but at the same time, it is facing golden development opportunities

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