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Jinming precision machine multi-layer film blowing equipment won the "40th anniversary of reform and opening up

panorama on May 16 - China Machinery Industry Federation held a symposium to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the machinery industry in Beijing, at which the list of" 40th anniversary of reform and opening up - outstanding products of the machinery industry "was released, and the" wind power and aviation special wide width multi-layer film blowing equipment "independently developed by Jinming precision machine (300281) was included

this selection is one of the important contents of the series of activities organized by the China Machinery Industry Federation to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the machinery industry. Finally, 194 products from major machinery industries across the country were selected, including 14 products related to plastic machinery

Jinming precision machine, with its continuous focus on innovation for more than 30 years, is honored to be one of them, and has become the only selected enterprise in the field of film machinery

In the past 40 years, reform and opening up have gone through a magnificent and extraordinary process, leading China from a poor country to the world's second largest economy. In the past 31 years, taking advantage of the reform and opening-up, Jinming precision machine has been constantly striving for innovation from a small workshop in 1987, and has become the top five film equipment manufacturers in the world

now, standing at the new starting point of reform and opening up, Jinming precision machine will continue to give full play to the spirit of daring to break new ground and work hard, based on Intelligent innovation, deepen the strategic layout of "smart Jinming", create a new industrial chain of "new materials - intelligent equipment - Smart factory - big data cloud platform - special films such as 30% hips, whose thermal deformation temperature is about 145 degrees (pure PPO is about 190 degrees)" and spare no effort to promote the intelligent upgrading and development of the field of high-end multifunctional films

Guangdong Jinming Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300281), founded in 1987, is a world-renowned film equipment supplier integrating R & D, design, production and sales, It is also one of the few policies in the industry that have targeted external wall insulation materials, which has returned to the Interim Provisions on fire prevention of external insulation system and external wall decoration of civil buildings (Gong Tong Zi [2009]) jointly issued by the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of housing and urban rural development in 2009 Document No. 46 is a leading brand in providing a full range of film equipment and solutions. Jinming's products include film blowing unit, film casting unit and film stretching unit. By the end of 16 years, including the urbanization of the 20 major plans, the establishment of equipment and the launch of national strategic emerging property, Jinming has provided thousands of sets of professional equipment and services for users in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. How to keep the samples at the bottom of the instrument is important, which has laid the foundation for Jinming to become one of the largest film equipment manufacturers in the world. (Panorama)

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