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Jinrui Futures: the external oil price plummeted, and Shanghai oil jumped to a low opening shock

last Friday, the international oil price hit its biggest one-day decline in 17 years. On Friday, the US dollar index resumed its rise due to weaker than expected European economic data and Fed Chairman Bernanke's hint that inflationary pressure had eased. On the same day, the index rose 0.706 points. The strength of the dollar directly dragged down oil prices. In addition, the impact of Russia's withdrawal from Georgia, and traders also took profits after rising more than $5 on Thursday. Oil prices in New York and London fell more than $6 on Friday, almost devouring the hard-earned increase in crude oil last week. But on the whole, oil prices still ended up last week

as of the week of August 19, the CFTC crude oil position report showed that the long position in the crude oil market increased by 12254, while the short position decreased by 8535, and the net long position increased by 11659, ending the pattern of net short orders in the crude oil market for four consecutive weeks, indicating that in the crude oil market, short positions made profits and the market was bullish on crude oil

in terms of news, important OPEC member countries Iran, Venezuela and other countries advocated that OPEC boost oil prices by limiting production. After the sharp fall, the rebound of oil prices is also worth looking forward to

influenced by the sharp decline in the external market, Shanghai oil company jumped sharply today, which marks that China's new material industry has the confidence to "go out" to compete in the international market. The capital gap opened low, and the jump gap reached 180 points. Shanghai oil company maintained a slight shock. After noon, Shanghai oil company began to fluctuate higher, and finally closed at 4845. The settlement price was greatly reduced by 15. The company is planning to acquire assets by 0 points, and the positioning is inaccurate, with a decline of 3%

technically, Shanghai, oil and Japan K line closed a positive line with a long shadow line, and the market has strong momentum to go long. Shanghai oil holdings increased 6204 to 42798 positions today. From the perspective of MACD, diff wears DEA, and the market is in the trend of bulls gaining the upper hand

operation suggestions: Shanghai oil and gas industry group limited established some long positions on bargain hunting

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