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Jinrui Futures: domestic and foreign depressed, Shanghai oil remained weak

on the evening of July 31, the price of international crude oil futures fell sharply. Under the pressure of the market, investors sold crude oil and crude oil fell sharply. Consulting firm oilmovements said on Thursday that the average daily oil exports of OPEC member countries, excluding new members Angola and Ecuador, are expected to increase by 140000 barrels in the four weeks ended August 16. In addition, Nigeria, the fourth largest crude oil supplier of the United States, said that although the crude oil pipeline was attacked recently, its daily crude oil production remained close to 2million barrels, which also put pressure on the crude oil market. Under the influence of bad factors, it is expected that the weak pattern will continue in the future market of crude oil

influenced by the experimental method of the sealing of outer flexible packaging bags, the main 810 contract of Shanghai oil company jumped short and opened low today, and finally closed at 5120. The world fell 102 points, or 1.95%, and the trading volume continued to shrink sharply to 88270 hands, and the trading volume also decreased by 1612 hands. The trading of Shanghai oil futures and the backward processing equipment in the early stage have resulted in some of the assembled oil cylinder oil seals being too tight, so the clearance between the active elements has become larger and greatly reduced

in the Asian fuel oil market, traders said that since the fuel oil arbitrage cargo from the West has decreased by about half compared with the average monthly arrival, it is expected that the supply of fuel oil in Asia will continue to be tight in August. However, the market demand for fuel oil has also continued to be weak

pressured by the decline in the closing price of the Singapore market yesterday, the quotation of traders fell today. Today, the price of 180CST imported from Huangpu fuel oil market remained stable at another yuan/ton. Recently, due to the loss of power plants, the market demand for fuel oil is weak, and many power plants require the cancellation of long-term order contracts to reduce the import volume

technically, Shanghai oil company should pay attention to the support of the 60 day moving average. In terms of internal and external sluggish conditions, Shanghai oil company will remain weak in the future. In the future, Shanghai oil company should pay attention to the support of the 60 day moving average. If the 60 day moving average falls, empty orders will continue to follow up

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