The hottest Jinrui futures ended higher in Shangha

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Jinrui Futures: Shanghai Jiaotong closed higher in the late trading, and bulls continued to squeeze out

today, the main contract 0809 of Shanghai Jiaotong opened slightly higher at 26405 yuan, fluctuated lower, and then rose sharply, breaking through the suppression of the previous high of 27305 yuan. The volume moved and traded due to the shading effect of the grating, and the high level fluctuated. The end market closed at 27020 yuan, up 790 yuan from the previous trading day

traders said that the tight spot supply, the rise of crude oil and rubber futures continue to jointly promote the rise of spot rubber prices, and sporadic rainfall continues to hinder the rubber cutting electronic universal tension machine measurement system in southern Thailand. Although Southeast Asia has entered the peak supply season and the main domestic production areas have been open for some time, the short-term supply tension has not changed. This provides a strong time for bulls to continue to squeeze. Luowen said that strong time will prove the quality of the instrument and the fundamental support of the store's reputation

HuJiao is currently on the rise and will continue to rise in the future. In terms of operation, multiple orders continue to be held, the stop loss point can be set at 25985 yuan, and the new high continues to increase positions

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