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Jinling Huntsman new materials Co., Ltd. started construction

on January 23, Jinling Huntsman new materials Co., Ltd., located in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, held a brief foundation ceremony, marking that this project with a total investment of 4.7 billion yuan entered the construction and implementation stage

Wang Tianpu, general manager of Sinopec Group, Ji Jianye, mayor of Nanjing, Jon Huntsman, director of Huntsman and Peter Huntsman, President of Huntsman attended the opening ceremony

Wang Tianpu said that Sinopec has achieved friendly cooperation with many foreign companies and achieved win-win results in the development of such electronic tensile testing machines for many years. It is believed that with the joint efforts of many parties, the cooperation between SINOPEC and Huntsman acrylic acid fluorosilicone ester is generated by adding fluorine monomers into siloxane acrylate materials, which will certainly be able to take a new step. (2) check whether the gasket at the joint is complete. In the future, Sinopec will strengthen the organization and leadership of the project construction, promote the safe, clean, stable and efficient promotion of the project construction, and ensure the success of the project at one time

the company is jointly invested and established by Sinopec and Huntsman Chemical Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., introducing the most advanced international technology, with an annual output of 240000 tons of propylene oxide and 742000 tons of methyl tert butyl ether

the implementation of propylene oxide/methyl tert butyl ether project is an important measure for Sinopec to accelerate the transformation of development mode and actively promote the adjustment of product structure. It is also an important achievement of deepening cooperation between SINOPEC and Huntsman company of the United States. It is also important for enhancing the competitive strength of both sides, optimizing the industrial layout in Nanjing, and accelerating the formation of high value-added petrochemical industrial chain in Jiangsu It is of great significance to promote the development of new energy-saving and environmental protection materials and the rapid promotion of high-quality oil products

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