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China's rapidly developing packaging industry (II)

III. taking effective measures to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the packaging industry

China is currently building a well-off society that benefits more than one billion people in an all-round way, and its GDP will strive to quadruple that of 2000 by 2020. According to this goal, by 2020, China's GDP (calculated at 2000 prices) will exceed 35trillion yuan. According to the current development of the packaging industry, the total industrial output value will reach 900billion yuan by 2020

improving the production technology level of China's packaging industry, solving the outstanding problems existing in the packaging industry, and realizing the leap forward development from "big packaging country" to "powerful packaging country" in China are the main issues concerned by the Chinese government, packaging industry associations and enterprises. We must adopt strong policies and measures to strive to build China into a country with high scientific and technological content, good economic benefits, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution It is a large modern packaging industry country with fully developed human resources

the main strategies to improve the overall level of China's packaging industry are: pay close attention to the intensive integration of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises, speed up the construction of packaging bases, improve the management level of packaging enterprises, and implement the "joint development" strategy; Increase investment in high-tech R & D funds in the packaging industry, improve the technical content of packaging enterprises, and implement the strategy of "invigorating packaging through science and technology"; Expand the training of high-level talents, train a large number of practical packaging professionals, vigorously carry out vocational training in packaging engineering technology, improve the level of technology and management personnel of packaging enterprises, and implement the "talent strategy"; Accelerate the construction of packaging legislation and standard system, vigorously develop China's green packaging industry, and implement the "green packaging" strategy; Accelerate the revitalization of the packaging manufacturing industry, strengthen the statistical work of packaging information, and implement the strategy of "key projects"

in order to achieve the above objectives and strategic measures and maintain the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of China's packaging industry, China Packaging Federation is currently carrying out the following main work

(I) organize the formulation of the 11th Five Year Plan for the development of China's packaging industry. On the basis of summing up the past development experience and lessons, and under the guidance of the spirit of the 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the China Packaging Federation takes the overall implementation of the scientific concept of development, the implementation of the sustainable development strategy, and the establishment of an energy-saving society as the key link, according to the overall layout of the national economy, the current situation and future trend of the development of the packaging industry, starting from the strategic, policy, scientific, innovative, and operational aspects, based on the long-term, and looking at the overall situation, Organize the preparation of the "11th Five Year Plan" for the development of China's packaging industry, make scientific and forward-looking predictions and plans for the future development of China's packaging industry, clarify the development priorities and phased objectives of China's packaging industry, better guide and promote the sustainable, coordinated and healthy development of China's packaging industry,

(II) strengthen the construction and guidance of packaging bases, and promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger. While encouraging and supporting the development of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises, efforts should be made to change the small-scale, low industrial concentration and poor economic benefits of China's packaging enterprises. At the same time, efforts should be made to improve the construction and management level of China's packaging base and improve the influence and competitiveness of packaging enterprises in the world. At present, we are formulating the measures for the administration of China's packaging bases to gradually standardize the management of packaging bases and increase support for packaging bases. At present, it is mainly to strengthen the support and services for a number of established professional packaging production bases such as Jiangyin, Zhongshan, Shanghai, Zhejiang and Wuhan and Hangzhou Asian packaging center, so as to promote China's large packaging enterprises to establish their image and brand. At the same time, it is necessary to revise the articles of association of China Packaging Federation, standardize member management, increase support and service projects for member units above the standing director level, and build a broad platform for enterprises to integrate into economic globalization

(III) promote scientific and technological innovation of enterprises and accelerate the transformation of packaging scientific and technological achievements. In order to encourage the packaging industry to actively develop new products and adopt new technologies, and promote the development of China's packaging industry, the central government has decided to arrange high-tech R & D funds for the packaging industry from 2005 to support the product development, technological innovation and new technology promotion of high-tech projects in the packaging industry. The scope of support is the development and industrialization projects of new packaging products, packaging materials and packaging machinery with international leading level and filling the gap; High tech R & D projects integrating industry, University and research, and national new product R & D projects recognized by relevant national departments; New environmental protection packaging materials to ensure personal health and safety; Packaging reduction and energy conservation projects, packaging waste treatment and utilization projects; Research on packaging regulations and standardization, formulation and testing of technical standards; Other new technology projects in line with national packaging industry policies. As the evaluation unit of the project, China Packaging Federation should give full play to the policies and funds given by the central government, guide enterprises to actively carry out technological innovation, research and develop packaging technology, equipment and new materials with independent intellectual property rights, promote the transformation of scientific research achievements in the packaging field, shorten the cycle of technology transfer, promotion and application, and promote the technological progress and structural adjustment of the packaging industry

(IV) adapt to the needs of circular economy and vigorously develop the green packaging industry. The growth of China's packaging industry is still an extensive economic growth mode, with low resource utilization. The energy consumption per unit output value is twice the world average, 11.5 times that of Japan and 4.3 times that of the United States. The extensive and resource consuming mode of production in the packaging industry will inevitably cause serious environmental pollution. At present, packaging waste accounts for about 1/3 of municipal solid waste in China. With the development of economy and the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards, packaging waste is still increasing at the rate of 10% per year. In particular, the "white pollution" caused by non degradable plastic packaging wastes such as foamed plastics and small bags has become a major public hazard in the society. The chlorofluorocarbons used in foamed plastics destroy the ozone layer, and the organic solvent adhesives used in the bonding of paperboard and composite plastics will directly cause serious harm to the human body. In view of this situation, the China Packaging Federation is carrying out the research on the subject "adapting to the needs of circular economy, vigorously developing the green packaging industry". Through the research, we will put forward relevant policies and measures to encourage enterprises to develop green packaging materials and products, so as to promote the development of environmental friendly high-performance packaging materials, and use advanced technology to improve the reuse rate and recycling rate of packaging materials

(V) accelerate the construction of packaging laws and regulations and packaging standard system. Market economy society is a legal society. The healthy and orderly development of packaging industry needs legal norms and guidance. Packaging legislation is the need to guide the healthy development of China's packaging industry; It is the need to develop green packaging industry, protect environment and resources, and ensure sustainable economic development; It is the need to maintain the order of China's domestic market; It is the need to promote our products to participate in international market competition. On the basis of research, the China Packaging Federation will actively carry out research on the system of packaging laws and regulations, cooperate with the national development and Reform Commission in drafting the packaging law, actively participate in the drafting of regulations such as the administrative measures for the recycling of packaging materials, and promote the construction of China's packaging laws and regulations

in addition, drafting and formulating China's packaging standard system and accelerating the preparation and revision of standards. Formulate the shortage and non matching packaging standards; Revise the standards that do not conform to the rules of market economy and restrict technological progress. Strengthen the research on the basic work of packaging standards, and speed up the formulation and revision of standards on the principle of protecting the environment, protecting products, reducing international trade barriers, promoting economic development and product export

(VI) straighten out the industry management functions, improve the industry management system, and better serve the enterprise. Striving to do well in "three services" is the service purpose and work focus of China Packaging Federation. According to the development needs of China's packaging industry, we should actively put forward various policy suggestions to the government on the development of China's packaging industry, such as suggestions on packaging development planning, packaging legislation and regulations, packaging quality standards, etc. Organize the implementation of relevant national policies and regulations in the packaging industry, strengthen the statistical work of the packaging industry, and organize special research on the development of the packaging industry

represent and safeguard the interests of packaging enterprises, coordinate the relationship between enterprises and governments, and coordinate the relationship between enterprises; Carry out market research at home and abroad, track the world packaging development direction, assist enterprises to develop domestic and foreign markets, and actively provide enterprises with domestic and foreign market information and the latest scientific and technological information; Organize technical exchanges, promote and advocate the adoption of the latest scientific and technological achievements; Organize staff training in the packaging industry; Organize domestic experts and excellent scientific and technological talents to track the world packaging development trends and technological development advantages, study common, forward-looking and strategic topics in the packaging field, and strive for policy, organizational and spiritual support from relevant national departments; Organize domestic and international packaging exhibitions and professional investigation, etc

in addition, the management functions of the packaging industry should be straightened out as soon as possible. Government departments should take the initiative to apply to help the government do a good job in the management of the packaging industry. In China Packaging Corporation, countries should do their best to formulate national standards or industry standards for the dimensional tolerance of plastic parts. For example, the three expenses of packaging science and technology, the packaging section (1) 1 generally adopts the work functions of excellent medium carbon steel and alloy structural steel technology achievement appraisal, packaging technical title evaluation, packaging enterprise fixed-point, packaging project demonstration, etc. to play the role of industry management, guide and promote the sustainable and healthy development of China's packaging industry

(VII) develop science and technology education, expand the talent team, and give full play to the role of professional committees and experts. Scientific and technological innovation, talent is the foundation, talent development, education is fundamental. In order to strengthen the packaging industry, we must increase the investment in packaging education, establish key laboratories and engineering centers of packaging discipline, improve the talent training mode, implement the work mode of combining schools with enterprises, and implement the work mode of combining production, learning and research, so as to solve the outstanding problems existing in China's scientific and technological innovation and high-quality talent training. By increasing investment, we should establish and improve the working system of science, technology and education, strive for more talents, and quickly produce substantive scientific research results. We should attach great importance to the vocational education of packaging industry in China, expand the scale of vocational education of packaging, and cultivate more high-quality and highly skilled technical and practical talents for the modernization of packaging industry. Vigorously carry out on-the-job training and constantly update the knowledge of the technical and management backbone of packaging enterprises

in order to strengthen the management of the branches of China Packaging Federation and better play the role of professional committees, we have recently formulated the Interim Measures for the management of the branches of China Packaging Federation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Ministry of civil affairs. In accordance with the branch management measures, we have adjusted the personnel and strengthened the strength of the existing professional committees, standardized management and strengthened professional services. According to the needs of the development of China's packaging industry, with the approval of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission and the Ministry of civil affairs, we have established a circular economy professional committee to meet the needs of the development of China's circular economy and vigorously develop the green packaging industry

in order to give full play to the role of existing packaging experts, we have established a database of packaging industry experts, and played an important role in the demonstration and review of packaging industry projects, identification of scientific and technological achievements and formulation of technical standards this year

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