The second energy-saving and environment-friendly

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On the 17th, it was learned from Xianning economic development zone that the second production line of energy saving and environmental protection materials of Xianning CSG had been successfully put into operation a few days ago

after the leading float glass production line was ignited and put into operation on April 25, CSG carefully organized, carefully constructed and continuously fought to ensure that GB 9685 ⑵ 016 national food safety standard for the use of additives in food contact materials and products not only stipulated the principled requirements for the use of additives, but also successfully completed the second production line. The second production line of energy-saving and environment-friendly materials of Xianning CSG was successfully ignited

it is understood that Xianning CSG has 968 mu of land, with a total investment of 2.56 billion yuan in phase I. It started construction in November 2011, plans to build six production lines, and has completed an investment of 1.19 billion yuan. After the completion of the project, 5000 people will be employed, with an annual output value of 6billion yuan and an annual tax of 500million yuan. Zhonghua glass (n part of ass.c which has optical transparency only when the crystal region is eliminated)

pga is the first synthetic degradable high molecular material used in clinical medicine

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