The second Ebara International Seminar on open inn

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Ebara pump's second Ebara open innovation international seminar was successfully held

recently, Ebara production Institute Fujisawa enterprise invited 6 famous domestic and foreign teachers who have conducted joint research in CMP field so far under the title of "the second Ebara Open Innovation International Seminar (hereinafter referred to as EOI)". The purpose of this seminar is to invite the imported polyurethane materials with a value of USD 1.566 million in October so far, which have strong adhesion, stability and Good material coverage up to now, there are 6 famous teachers at home and abroad who have conducted joint research in CMP field

the purpose of this seminar is to deepen mutual understanding and cooperation and better promote the development of technology and the cause of research results by providing a place for external researchers and internal engineers and researchers to discuss

this year, in addition to speeches, in order to deepen understanding through discussion and exchange of views, we introduced a new panel discussion. Professor Jeong (Pusan National Univ.), Professor Heihe (Kyushu University), associate professor Suzuki (Nagoya University), Professor Tiangu (Gunma University), associate professor Shizuoka (Shizuoka University) and associate professor khajornrunguang (Kyushu University of Technology) have 6 teachers, with a total of more than 100 technicians and researchers from the company. The mechanical properties of CMP related technologies are much higher than those of ordinary engineering materials; There was a heated discussion on the issue

as a part of Ehu (Ebara Hi Tech University) activities, EOI seminar has made important contributions to promoting technology development. In the future, Ehu will also strive to improve the technical strength of the company through the invitation speeches with relevant teachers and researchers at home and abroad in the joint research of EOL (Ebara open laboratory) and through the planning of the most cutting-edge technology and research and development

Ebara group is committed to the development of the medium-term business plan and the important topics of ESG, so it is committed to realizing the business policy and further improving the enterprise value, and finally to the sustainable development goals (sdgs)

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