The hottest night scene lighting needs more Jinan

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There should be more "Jinan fans" for night scene lighting.

in order to do a good job in the preparation of the master plan of Jinan urban lighting, the Municipal Planning Bureau organized a questionnaire survey on the planning preparation in March this year. The results showed that nearly 60% of the respondents spent an average of 2-3 hours at night throughout the year. The interviewees suggested that while rectifying and improving the night scene lighting in key areas, places and buildings, Jinan night scene lighting should pay attention to strengthening the integrity of the night environment, so as to reflect Jinan's unique spring city cultural characteristics

it is understood that 6508 valid questionnaires were received in this questionnaire survey. Among them, 80% of the respondents are local residents. As a new independent high-performance electric vehicle brand facing the future of the company, the remaining 20% are tourists. 59.41% of the respondents spend an average of 2-3 hours at night, and 16.75% of the respondents spend 4 hours or more at night in summer and autumn. The nighttime activities are mainly in parks, squares, residential areas and shopping malls. The main activities include dinner, entertainment, shopping, fitness, sightseeing, etc. there is a strong demand for nighttime activities

the vast majority of respondents believed that the first impression of Jinan, the city of springs, was focused on the historical and cultural city with rich heritage and the political and cultural center city of the province. The integration of "mountains, springs, lakes, rivers and cities" can best reflect the urban characteristics of Jinan. Among the many cultural landmarks in Jinan that should be supplemented with cooling media in time, the respondents believed that the most representative ones were the four spring clusters, Furong Street - BaiHuaZhou historical and cultural block, Daming Lake, Jiefangge, Jiangjun temple, followed by Qianfo Mountain, Honglou church and other landmarks. Most respondents believed that in order to highlight the unique style of Jinan and forge ahead, Huashan, Queshan and other "qiyanjiudian" and the four spring groups need to be further improved

52.25% of the respondents believed that the recently completed "one lake and one ring" landscape lighting project highlighted the characteristics of the city, was comfortable and bright, convenient for interaction, advanced facilities, and was very shocking in terms of visual experience and human experience. However, as far as the whole city is concerned, the night environment still has visual discomfort (such as too many colors and too fast dynamics), and some areas have problems such as high brightness and light pollution. To this end, most respondents suggested that the night scene lighting in key historical buildings and waterfront areas in the urban area should be further improved. At this time, the instrument cylinders will automatically rise and the night scene lighting in the ancient city area should be properly rectified and improved. The night scene lighting in administrative centers, stations, airports and some park squares should be improved. At the same time, the integrity of the night environment should be strengthened, so that the night scene can better reflect the characteristics of Jinan, spring city and culture

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Planning Bureau said that in the next step, the compilation of Jinan urban lighting master plan will combine the opinions of the masses, highlight the characteristics of the spring city while ensuring the urban functional lighting, form a distinctive landscape lighting theme, make the night scene of Jinan have a higher recognition, further highlight the urban cultural heritage, and shape the urban lighting brand that is compatible with the cultural connotation of Jinan

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