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Zhuhai night scene lighting project improves the quality of the city

"sea, land and air" three arrows fired at the same time, "sound, light and electricity" panorama shines. At the 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Zhuhai made its debut as one of the national sub venues. China air show, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and other Zhuhai business cards came on stage one by one, and Zhuhai landmarks such as Zhuhai Grand Theater, Lovers Road coastline, and cross gate central business district were displayed one by one in front of the people of the country. Zhuhai was dazzling that night, and it looked beautiful under the light. If the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is like a giant dragon carrying the bright future of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay area; Then the bright lights give off Zhuhai brilliance that attracts the attention of the world. The audience and citizens who are familiar with Zhuhai can't help but marvel, clearing the counter. The colorful lighting is like a magician, making the night scene of Zhuhai instantly change a new face. It turned out that this magic performance was so successful that it was inseparable from the carefully deployed night scene lighting project. In a short time, the night scene of the city changed instantly, and various changes reflected the government's determination and strong executive power to improve the quality of the city

with new designs and new lighting along the line, the lights that illuminate the romantic city are brighter. They not only light up the city, but also light up people's hearts

highlights revealed

the light is brighter, and the best light and shadow art is created with a high-quality lighting system

night falls, and the lights are on. Come to lovers South Road, the winding coastline and the continuous light belt complement each other; Walking by Gongbei Bay, the marble road is bright and tidy, and the green belt beside the road presents a warm and genial tone under the light projection; Standing by the beach of Xianglu Bay, you can see the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge of the century project from a distance. The bridge is more magnificent under the light point; At night, the neon lights of buildings along the lovers road are flashing, while the landmark Zhuhai Grand Theater presents the bright shape of the sun and the moon, and its constantly changing color exterior walls add romance to this coastal city of Zhuhai. In just two months, the night scenery along the lovers road was instantly upgraded. How does the night scene lighting project perform the "magic" of changing colors? Today, it is revealed exclusively

originally, in order to further improve the urban night lighting landscape, the city started the night lighting project of lovers road at the end of 2017, which is divided into phase I and phase II projects. It is the first phase of the project that shines brightly at the Spring Festival Gala. It starts from Zhuhai Grand Theater in the north, and ends at the enclosed area of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge and cross gate central business district in the south. It focuses on upgrading the Zhuhai Grand Theater and the four areas of Yeli Island, Xianglu Bay, Zhuhai fisherman, cross gate central business district and the enclosed area of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge. Combining different architectural features and coastal landscapes, each region adopts the method of starting, inheriting, transferring, and integrating 80% of China's small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, which rely almost on private loans to interpret the changes in lighting along the line, and strives to innovate, so as to achieve everywhere

the quality of the city starts with details, and the innovation of the night scene lighting project also focuses on details. Cheng Yu, chief engineer of Zhuhai night scene lighting project team and President of the central design and Research Institute of Rex group, revealed that the quality of the lighting system determines the presentation effect of the whole project. Therefore, the project strives for perfection in the selection of lamps and lighting systems, and uses high-quality lighting systems to create the best light and shadow art

according to statistics, a total of more than 20000 linear wall washing lamp products and more than 8000 projection lamp products are invested in the first phase of the project, and the implementation scheme of the integration of design, product supply and construction is applied. The control system adopts Rex's independent intelligent lighting master control system, and the light source part of the lamp adopts high-quality light source module, which has stronger light efficiency and better color rendering. With high-level flip technology and flexible and reliable customized spectrum technology, it has created excellent light and shadow technology. On the lamps used, the lamps with large lamp bodies are also replaced by the experimental method for measuring the crack growth resistance of polyolefin pipes for fluid transportation (notch test) gb/t18476 ⑵ 001 small lamps have better overall comfort. It is this excellent lighting system that brings elegant and beautiful night scenery to Zhuhai lovers road

the change of details silently improves the quality of the city. Cheng Yu, for example, said that taking the fisherman in Zhuhai as an example, in the past, high-power floodlights were used, which looked like a bright spot from a distance and lacked a sense of hierarchy. The reconstructed Zhuhai fisherman's sculpture greatly improves the lighting stereoscopic sense, increases the lighting of the surrounding reefs and mountains, and also illuminates the parking line of the corridor bridge leading to the sculpture, comprehensively supplementing the depth of field of the Zhuhai fisherman's scene. "A change in detail can completely upgrade a landscape. Doing a good job in details is the requirement of the municipal government for this project, and also reflects the government's determination to improve the quality of the city." Cheng Yu said

the city is brighter

the classification of buildings in the coastal green belt is improved, and the level of night scene lighting is strengthened

the night scene lighting project can instantly conquer the vision of citizens, and it also depends on the unique design. "The general direction of the design is to highlight the warm natural characteristics and strengthen the impression of Zhuhai, and strengthen the lighting level." Talking about the concept of engineering design, hongxiaosong, vice president of Rex group, who is responsible for engineering design and construction, proudly said that before the construction of the lighting project, he made a full investigation on the lighting situation of the existing projects in our city, which not only achieved unity and harmony in the design, but also highlighted the different architectural characteristics of each road section. The engineering design emphasizes the sense of hierarchy, which is divided into three parts: coastline lighting, green belt lighting, and roof skyline lighting. Each category has its own characteristics. It should not only give full play to the advantages of Zhuhai coastline, pay attention to the intersection of light and shadow and the coast, but also take into account the landscape lighting of green belts and slow lanes, and expand to the street buildings to enrich the night scenery of Zhuhai comprehensively and hierarchically

pay attention to horizontal and vertical uniformity in shoreline lighting. Hong Xiaosong said that, for example, Xianglu Bay Beach along the lovers road mainly uses the medium pole beach lighting system, that is, a lamp pole and a group of projection lamps. Each projection lamp is customized. The lighting scheme is customized according to the beach landform, and the light is evenly distributed. Coincidentally, it is a difficulty in the research and development of this material as a practical high-temperature structural material. The depth of the beach swimming pool is about 40 to 60 meters, with a total length of 4.5 kilometers. The construction party has specially set up 60 light poles, with an average spacing of about 25 meters. The careful design and layout make the light distribution of lamps more abundant and more uniform in the horizontal and vertical directions

the improvement of green belt lighting is also a key point of this improvement. According to reports, green belt lighting mainly adopts circular spotlights. Along the couple Road, we can see that two circular spotlights are equipped under each tree to illuminate from two directions, with an excellent temperature of 3000K, ensuring that the crown of the tree is illuminated, showing the ruggedness and straightness of the tree, with a full sense of three-dimensional. In addition, the width of the green belt along the lovers road is mostly wide, "the original road lighting cannot cover the green belt, the brightness of the vision of citizens walking in the green belt is not enough, and there has been a lack of safety and comfort." Cheng Yu said that after the transformation and improvement of the three-dimensional sense of lighting, many citizens have obviously felt that the road is brighter, the vision is broader, and walking is more comfortable

in addition, the roof skyline lighting is also one of the key points of the night scene lighting improvement project. The construction focus is to add color and enhance the visual depth of field of the city night scene. Even at night, people can feel the neon city scenery and modern buildings even if they look at the urban area. Cheng Yu introduced that the skyline lighting on the roof mainly adopts linear wall washing lighting equipment to illuminate the wall facade of the building, increase the visible surface, and improve the quality of the city by beautifying the architectural appearance

brighter heart

both landscape lighting and human services, citizens walk more comfortably

night lighting project represents the visual quality of a city, and is also closely related to citizens' travel. We learned that this lighting project not only improves the landscape, but also hopes to create a friendly, warm and livable urban environment for citizens. "This design mainly focuses on simplicity and elegance, and adopts soft warm tone lamps with a color temperature of 3000K. It focuses on warm white light, and improves the overall cultural taste of the city through unified and harmonious static lighting, so that citizens feel comfortable and comfortable." Cheng Yu introduced that the project strictly controls the lighting intensity and contrast, trying to show a soft and coordinated effect. While realizing landscape lighting, it attaches great importance to improving the lighting of urban public facilities, so as to create more intimate humanistic services for citizens

Mr. Yu, who lives near the seaside swimming pool, clearly felt the changes brought by the lifting project. He told that he often runs nearby at ordinary times. Since the completion of the lighting project, there have been significantly more people coming to the beach at night, and citizens are more relieved to travel. Aunt Ou Rongmei, who lives near Yeli Island, also felt the same way. "In the past, it was dark on the slow lane, and occasionally I would trip over the road stake if I wasn't careful." Ou Rongmei sighed, "after the lighting upgrade, walking at night is more comfortable." The citizens along the line were interviewed randomly, and they all said, "the night scenery is more beautiful, the public facilities are brighter, and the travel is more assured."

in addition, we also learned that "pragmatism" and "frugality" are also important principles of this lighting project. The project is designed and upgraded on the basis of preserving and inheriting the original good lighting, rather than pushing it down and redoing it, so that the overall lighting effect of the city presents a beautiful but not fancy, bright but not flashy harmonious look

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