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Nigeria has a huge demand for plastic products for samples with different diameters. It is reported that Nigeria produces oil and has raw materials for making plastic products, but the existing plastic products equipment in the country cannot meet the demand. Therefore, Nigerian residents have a great demand for plastic products, such as plastic souvenirs, plastic cups, plastic toys, plastic tables and chairs and even plastic bags, which are daily consumer goods with high utilization rate

in addition to local customers, the West African Economic Union countries (ECOWAS) also rely heavily on Nigerian manufacturers to supply plastic products. The plastic manufacturing system in these West African countries is underdeveloped, and plastic products are imported from Nigeria every year to ensure that the frame has sufficient rigidity

Africa is a large plastic machinery market, so it has also become the focus of the global rubber and plastic equipment production countries. Many Chinese investors have taken a fancy to this business opportunity and have invested in building plastic products factories in Nigeria to make plastic extrusion products, such as profiles, gussets, etc. The local government hopes that domestic enterprises can develop their own markets and build their own factories to meet the plastic needs of the Nigerian people and the countries of the West African Union

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