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Nine Dragons announced that nine dragons is by no means a "sweatshop"

recently, the investigation report of Hong Kong University Students on the "report on sweatshops in the mainland of Hong Kong listed enterprises in the first quarter of 2008" said that Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper Co., Ltd., the famous female tycoon Zhang Yin, was suspected of long-term serious violations of China's labor regulations and industrial injuries. The so-called grade of material testing machine was to fine innocent workers according to JJG 139 (1) 999 "verification regulation of tension, pressure and universal testing machine", Make it involved in the whirlpool of sweatshops. This morning, a source from Dongguan said that the preliminary conclusion of the factory investigation of the Provincial Federation of trade unions was that nine dragons paper was not a sweatshop. However, the relevant response did not involve the attitude of the Provincial Federation of trade unions on whether it fined employees and used labor dispatch in violation of regulations

it is reported that the Provincial Federation of trade unions and relevant departments in Dongguan have sent investigators to report that nine dragons' employees are treated very well, the canteen eats well, and the staff dormitory is also very good. The preliminary conclusion of the survey is that nine dragons paper is definitely not a sweatshop. Even if Nine Dragons Paper has some slots with equal spacing along the side wall of the disc, making it rectify will make it better, not kill it

the relevant person in charge of Guangdong Paper Industry Association also told the media that the white card picker mentioned by the Hong Kong student organization is the lowest level work in the whole paper-making process. Even sorting waste paper has low technical content and labor intensity. If it's dirty, these waste papers are also quarantined by the customs and the national quarantine department

as for whether to use industrial accident fines to make money, the relevant people of Nine Dragons Paper industry accelerated their return to the outside world yesterday. Based on industry, University and research, it should be said that the employee manual currently circulating is the 2005 version, while the factory is now using the 2007 version, and many of the old terms have been abolished. To be exact, the fine should be the deduction of bonus, not the basic salary. If something goes wrong, deduct the bonus, which should be acceptable to everyone

the person also said that the company did have many provisions on withholding bonuses, but these provisions were formulated after careful study, each of which was to ensure the safety of employees and the normal production and living order. For example, media reports say that workers will be fined 300 yuan for walking around the door of the large creep test machine. In fact, there are many container trucks going in and out of that door. If every worker walks there, a serious traffic accident may occur. In addition, the company has a fine refund system

the day before yesterday, Yangcheng Evening News learned from authoritative channels that after the incident, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Federation of trade unions received the 2005 edition of the employee manual of Nine Dragons Paper and made a special analysis, believing that some of the fine provisions are suspected of violating regulations. In addition, in the process of sorting waste paper, nine dragons is also under investigation whether it uses labor dispatched workers and whether the use conforms to the regulations. The attitude of the Provincial Federation of trade unions was not involved in the news released by Nine Dragons Paper

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