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The "night of Hangzhou 520", which attracted the attention of the whole country, was created by the people of Hangzhou Electric Power Co., Ltd.

China Education Zhejiang station (Intern Zhou Shenjun, correspondent Cheng Zhenwei). In the CCTV broadcast on May 21, the "520 motherland" (I love your motherland) UAV light show on the Qiantang River in Hangzhou made the whole country enjoy talking about it. 150 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with a 10 minute flight time, require zero error in the flight of major events, and there are only about 5 UAV enterprises in the world that can complete this task in China. Recently, I rushed to Hangzhou Binjiang Haichuang base and interviewed Jin Jie, the soul figure of UAV technology behind the "night of Hangzhou 520"

"UAV is not a model aircraft, it is all controlled by the brain"

Baidu search for "UAV" has 31.3 million entries. At present, drones are well-known, and there is no lack of star companies such as Dajiang. However, just because the price of aerial drones has already reached the endurance atmosphere of enthusiasts, aerial drones are always flying on the heads of all kinds of activity sites. This thing that looks like toys, which can be seen everywhere since 2015, seems to have stepped down from the altar. However, in the eyes of Jin Jie, the founder of robsense of ruolian technology, aerial photography is only the beginning of the application from the technical level. There are a large number of potential application scenarios waiting to be developed, and the technical content is higher and higher, such as aerial mapping, power inspection, public safety, and formation performance

"To understand a new thing, you might as well start with something similar that you were familiar with earlier. The model aircraft is familiar to everyone, but there seems to be signs of warming up. This thing has existed for decades, but the evolution from the model aircraft to the UAV is only a matter of recent years. Why? Because the technology behind it is fundamentally different. Installing the model aircraft on the brain is the UAV. In this case, the model aircraft is like a newborn baby , very fragile, can't take care of themselves, and need to be taken care of by adults. " According to Jin Jie's analysis, drones are just toddlers, and adults need to help them walk and eat. The future of unmanned aerial vehicles must be flying robots. When the brain of unmanned aerial vehicles is empowered by artificial intelligence and IOT, it can help adults with soy sauce like a 3-year-old child

different from Dajiang's main B2C, ruolian mainly does B2B, that is, the vertical field, which provides enterprises with drone theme performance services. "Generally speaking, it is not easy for a pilot to control a single UAV to fly. If you want to make a group of UAVs dance in the air and dazzle the audience, you can imagine the complexity and subtlety of the hardware and software solutions involved. You know, they are not human. Ordinary people think this: any UAV in 150 must appear in the specific position that should appear in 10 minutes or even longer What are the engineering and computer programming challenges behind it? " In the eyes of Jin Jie, who is young and capable and speaks very fast, although it is not comparable with famous large companies in terms of sales, if it is connected, it will not be inferior in terms of technology

Jin Jie, born in 1986, entered the University of Southern Denmark in Denmark after graduating from Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and technology in 2010. He studied robot control and operating system in this world's leading institution in the field of robotics, and then entered the national network center of Ireland to engage in doctoral research. During his study visit to Cambridge University, he came into contact with the world's best group of computer network scientists. There are 10 large plastic markets, And stand out in it. He identified his doctoral dissertation as "unmanned aerial vehicle cluster intelligence and network". The robot individual control technology mastered during Denmark's study and the group network technology studied during Ireland gave birth to the idea of Jinjie to start a business in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Ruolian technology, established in 2015, is currently deeply engaged in technological breakthroughs in the brain of the next generation of UAVs, and applies existing achievements to UAV formation performances. The drone brain, whose independent research and development rate accounts for more than 60%, has frequently taken on the live broadcast of the "starring" task in the world artificial intelligence conference, the 5g+ action press conference of the Zhejiang provincial government, and the launching ceremony of "flying together" for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China on Zhejiang satellite TV. The behind the scenes protagonist of the "drone fleet" light show, which featured dozens of performances, zero accidents, 50 erection, and frequent screen swiping by the circle of friends, was the drone brain research and development team led by Jin Jie

"whenever the formation moves in the air, my heart trembles"

"As a start-up company, we are proud and gratified to be able to start a business in Hangzhou. As long as we are a high-tech company in Hangzhou, as long as we have core technology and are excellent, you will always get a lot of opportunities. Our company has been in business for less than four years. Can you imagine that our customers are many important customers such as the government of Zhejiang Province, the Shanghai municipal government, Zhejiang satellite TV and China Mobile? Live broadcast and watched by important leaders, in fact, we put forward zero loss Wrong rigid requirements. However, they are willing to hand over the task of success without failure to our start-up company. In addition to our long-standing good reputation, it has something to do with Zhejiang's encouragement of innovation and heavy money to build IOT digital economy. " Jin Jie said

pride is pride, "trembling" is normal. In chatting with Jin Jie, I found that the word he said most was "shudder". Take this cooperation project with Zhejiang satellite TV, each element of which corresponds to an inverted list in the inverted file. It is related to the theme of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China. Both public and private are hard tasks that cannot be missed. Hundreds of thousands of citizens on the bank of the Qiantang River watch it live, as well as China Mobile 5g live broadcast, and then the second and third superimposed transmission of shooting and sending a circle of friends during the watching process, "Even if a drone deserts and loses its position, grabs the position of other planes, or leaves late and early in time, it will turn the elegant group dance into a group of demons, and there will be incalculable serious consequences such as collision, plane crash and crash. Visually, 'disorderly code' is a small thing, and the accident is the big thing." Behind Jin Jie's calm face is the strictness and persistence of his inner pursuit of 100% accuracy

Jin Jie enjoys the "thrilling beauty" of watching the performance of the drone fleet, but for himself, this is also a "worrying journey that always worries about making mistakes". He analyzed that group performances, 100% accurate, need to have three elements: timing, location, and people. Tianshi refers to that the wind cannot exceed level 6, and a level 5 company like ruolian can also fly. Geographical advantage means that there should be no interference of high-power radio signals with the same frequency band, otherwise it will be "chaotic". Renhe means that the technical scheme is excellent, and every link of the flight execution process should be seamlessly connected, and there should be no mistakes in the cooperation between personnel

in the flight performance, we must protect the working state of the main control computer, various radio equipment and positioning auxiliary equipment. Any interference, power failure and relative position movement will cause the formation failure. "When I was a child, I was most afraid of watching acrobatics. It was too dangerous. When the audience enjoyed the brilliance of the UAV light show, they were immersed in it, and their happiness on their faces contained strong confidence in the technology behind them. However, we technicians were worried. We didn't dare to relax until the performance ended the plane landing. This was equivalent to a group of technicians" teaching "150 UAVs to complete a" ballet in the air. " Jin Jie's self mockery and trembling feeling are also the expression of the extreme geek and craftsman spirit of technicians

the "egg carving feelings" behind the UAV

the thrilling beauty of manipulating the cluster to play acrobatics in the air is also an artistic pursuit. Isn't it? Jin Jie's body is indeed full of art. When he was a child, he was very talented in painting and almost "trained" to become a painter

in his memory, there are two things that are closely related to today's "UAV fleet performance research". One is the "movable type printing" performance at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games. In the middle of the complete giant picture scroll, three-dimensional movable type printing appeared magically, and the square Chinese characters fluctuated. The performance of movable type printing boards is full of rhythmic beauty, which makes people intoxicated. In fact, the performance is achieved by thousands of people through action coordination. It is said that for this dream moment, thousands of people spent nearly a year in rehearsal and shed countless sweat. With technical thinking, Jin Jie thought, if robot technology is used to present such a spectacular dance beauty, can it save human and material resources, and even reach another kind of beauty? The seeds of technology have been planted

another thing is related to a club that Jin Jie joined when she was an undergraduate in Hangzhou electric power. In Hangzhou power, there are a group of geeks who don't want to brush their resumes, but just want to change the world with the combination of technology and business. Jin Jie is an active member. Once he saw an uncle who made egg carving on the roadside, so he felt that "such a good thing has little income. We can help them maximize the market value of egg carving art with an innovative business model to promote the protection and inheritance of traditional culture". So the "egg to egg" project was launched. They helped uncle upgrade his product concept, marketing channels and business model, and successfully transformed a street mobile craftsman who could not use computers into a successful folk craftsman and cultural entrepreneur who embraced the Internet. "This uncle is Dong Yiyan, a famous egg carving master now in Hangzhou." Jin Jie said that various small and beautiful innovations tried at that time not only changed one's life trajectory, but also made himself understand the truth of "using Internet technology and business model to create value for others and society to achieve sustainable development"

"The experience of helping uncle Dong bring the traditional egg carving into modern families in those days is not fundamentally different from that of doing drone formation performance now. It is a kind of technical complex. Drone formation performance can replace fireworks, with better communication effect and no pollution. The content it creates can be richer. After being perfectly combined with new media and Internet communication, the cost of making the content reach as many people as possible is relatively low Yes. " Jin Jie said

according to Jin Jie, the UAV cluster light show is only an application in the early stage of the development of flying robots. With the empowerment of artificial intelligence, IOT and 5g technology, the UAV brain will become smarter and smarter, and many brains can connect together to share wisdom. In the future, they can complete cluster cargo handling, cluster rescue, and even a group of UAVs can independently complete the "adult" complex and high-precision task of building a house. Let the new technology give full play to the leading advantage of "hard core" and rebuild a more vibrant UAV ecosystem

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