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Night tour has great economic potential and promotes development at the right time

the Palace Museum held the "Shangyuan night in the Forbidden City" activity during the Lantern Festival. Once the event is launched, the reservation ticket is instantly empty. "The first night opening of the Forbidden City" and "the Lantern Festival of the Forbidden City" both hit the hot search list and became a topic of widespread concern. The popularity of night tourism in the Forbidden City is not only the result of the innovative development of traditional scenic spots relying on cultural excavation and creative planning, but also reflects the strong and urgent demand of the market for night tourism

from the perspective of both supply and demand, the development of night tourism has come naturally. From the perspective of consumption, the consumption content of young people is increasingly diversified, the demand for leisure experience tourism products is more urgent, and tourism consumption is facing problems such as quality upgrading and structural optimization. The relaxed atmosphere and rich and diverse consumption formats created at night make night tourism a new choice for tourists to release their consumption needs; From the supply side, destination cities have entered a new era of consumption driven local economic development and transformation and upgrading. Digging deep into the consumption needs of local residents and foreign tourists has become the focus of local economic development. Night tourism adds time and digs deep into night dividends, which can not only prolong the stay time of tourists, improve the utilization efficiency of tourism resources, leisure facilities and equipment, and the competitiveness of destination tourism, It can also stimulate the development of local economy and related industries through new consumption demand, form a new driving force for economic development of destinations and new hot spots for industrial development, and empower local economic development

recently, opinions and documents to promote the development of night economy have been issued frequently throughout the country, creating a good policy and industrial development environment for the development of night tourism, and becoming an important driving force for the development of night tourism. As early as 2004, Qingdao issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of night economy in urban areas, which actively explored the development of night economy with night tourism as the core. Since then, Liaoning, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Cangzhou, Xingtai, Huludao and other provinces and cities have issued relevant opinions to promote the development of night economy. After 2014, the promotion of nighttime economic development in various regions has reached a climax. In 2014, the opinions of Chongqing Municipal People's Government on the development of night market economy was released, which proposed to release the potential of night consumption by building night market blocks. By 2020, the proportion of night market consumption in the total retail sales of social consumer goods will reach more than 5%. In 2018, the implementation opinions of the general office of the Tianjin Municipal People's Government on accelerating the development of night economy was issued, proposing to create a number of night economic agglomeration areas, and form a series of night tourism activities such as night tour of Haihe River, night tour of Jinqu, night taste, night purchase of Tianjin goods. In addition, Shanghai put forward the "construction plan of building a night market model with the characteristics of an international consumer city", Beijing introduced relevant measures to promote the development of convenience stores and late night cafeterias, and included the "introduction of policies to promote the prosperity of the night economy and promote consumption" in the 2019 municipal government work report. The development of night economy with night tourism as the core is attracting extensive attention from local government departments. From 2014 to 2018, more than 10 cities in China, including Xi'an, Ningbo, Nanjing, Lanzhou, have issued opinions to promote the development of night economy and night tourism economy, and the development potential of night tourism is constantly emerging

the innovative exploration of cultural tourism enterprises, night tourism related enterprises and local governments in night tourism formats and products has drawn a beautiful blueprint for the development of night tourism economy, and formed four main formats: Night tourism projects, tourism performances, night market blocks, night festivals

night tour project is to carry out night tour activities on the basis of day tour, make full use of existing resources, facilities and services such as scenic spots and cities, and provide new night tour experience for tourists by adding night lighting equipment, lighting design, landscaping and night activities, so as to maximize the time effect of resources. The night tour project relies on scenic spots, museums, characteristic towns, tourism complexes, river roads, etc. Singapore Night Safari Park and Quebec magic forest all feature night lights, sound effects and projections to provide tourists with a unique night tour experience. In less than one year, domestic Jinmin we work has formed many distinctive night tourism projects, such as night tours in gubeishui Town, Datang Furong garden, Shanghai Wildlife Park and other scenic spots, night sleepovers in Beijing Aquarium, night tours in Huangpu River and West Lake, which have achieved good social and economic benefits

tourism performance is an important part of the night economy, and it is also an important means for tourism destination cities and scenic spots to dig deeply. 2 it is a strong data processing function to use the passenger flow, prolong the stay time of tourists, and increase the comprehensive tourism income. The performance of "song of everlasting regret" in Huaqing Palace scenic spot has become a new business card of Shaanxi tourism, with an annual income of 150million yuan, which has become an important component of the attraction and income of the scenic spot. Guilin's performance "impression of Third Sister Liu" earned more than 200million yuan at the box office, which not only created a large number of employment opportunities for Yangshuo, but also led to the development of local catering, accommodation, shopping, real estate and other related industries

the night market block is a characteristic block with bars, catering, shopping, culture, entertainment and other business forms, most of which take into account the leisure functions of the block during the day and at night. Shilin Night Market in Taipei 5. Filter:, Wangfujing in Beijing, Nanjing Road in Shanghai, Confucius Temple in Nanjing, Kuanzhai alley in Chengdu and other well-known night tourism blocks, including catering, shopping, entertainment, leisure and other functions, are important places for night leisure

night festivals are night activities with the core attraction of night literary and artistic activities, lighting, Lantern Festival, music, color, fireworks, folk customs and other elements. Lyon lighting Festival, Helsinki art night, Italian pink night, Singapore midsummer night sky Art Festival, etc., incorporate art activities, color creation, lighting devices, interactive experience and other contents into night activities, and become the unique tourism attraction of the city. The international lighting festival in Guangzhou, the Lantern Festival in Zigong, the international music and fireworks festival in Shanghai, and strawberry music festivals around the world have become important tourist attractions and well-known tourism brands. In 2018, Zigong Lantern Festival received a total of 1.738 million tourists. The holding of the Lantern Festival not only brought good tourism effects, but also promoted the development of local lantern production, lantern technology output and other related industries in view of the high threshold of 811 technology

at present, the development of domestic night tourism is in its infancy. Its market development potential is huge, and its economic driving effect is good. It is expected to form a nearly trillion level tourism market. According to the survey results of "tourism sampling survey data 2017", the cost of night travel for urban residents and rural residents in China is 4.4 times and 3.5 times that of "One-day Travel" respectively. Night consumption is particularly important. Night tourism will prolong the stay of tourists, and the resulting overnight tourism consumption market will be very spectacular

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