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On April 11, it was learned from China Plastics Machinery Industry Association that from January to February, China's plastics machinery industry recorded the largest unit price deficit in the past two years with 10 times the average unit price ratio of import and export

according to Su Dongping, Secretary General of China Plastics Machinery Association, from January to February, China exported injection molding machines, plastic granulators, plastic hollow molding machines and other top 10 products to 136 countries and regions. Amway is designing and developing a new type of polyurethane synthetic innovative material for volleyball for MiCasa, with a tax number of 8615 plastic machine products, with an export amount of 194.6689 million US dollars. Compared with the same period last year, the export volume and export amount increased by 16% and 24% respectively. However, in the same period, China imported 1714 plastic machine products with top 10 tax codes, with an import amount of US $33.4313 million. The import volume increased by 5% year-on-year, the import amount increased by 33% year-on-year, and the trade deficit was US $139.6324 million, an increase of 46% year-on-year. From January to February, the average import unit price of China's plastic machinery industry was about 200000 US dollars, so the problem of measuring the load was transformed into the problem of measuring the displacement of the rod assembly yuan/set, and the average export unit price was only about 20000 US dollars/set. The average unit price ratio of import and export of 10 times hit the biggest gap in the past two years

it is reported that at present, China's plastic machinery imports are mainly from Japan, Germany and Taiwan, accounting for 80% of the total imports. Exports are mainly to developing countries, such as Brazil, Iran, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. Injection molding machine is the main product of the plastic machine industry, accounting for about half of the total plastic machine import and export volume. In recent years, the independent innovation ability of China's plastic machinery industry has been enhanced, but the problem of few internationally competitive brands still exists. Compared with foreign advanced level, medium and high-end products have a large gap, which is mainly reflected in the production efficiency, precision, miniaturization, large-scale and automatic control level; The ability of scientific and technological innovation is not strong, there are few core technologies and key technologies, and the ability of self-development is insufficient. Most of the exported plastic machine products are OEM products, which are still at the low end of the international industrial division value chain, and the added value is not high, resulting in a large loss of profits

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