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Under the "plastic restriction order", it is said that before the advent of plastic bags, the triangular packaging bags made of paper corners that fold the two adjacent corners of rectangular paper in half and paste together play an important role in people's lives. Shopping in non-staple food stores can't do without it, just like plastic bags later on. It is also used for candy, biscuits, peanuts, beans, salt, sugar, Ganlan, plum, and even Douchi, jam, nanru, pickles and other juicy foods. It is a must for businesses and brings a lot of convenience to customers' shopping

1 for a long time, due to the large demand for paper corners, there was an industry of making paper corners in the society at that time. Small paper products factories made paper corners from leftovers, used book paper and newspapers and sold them to merchants. There are also family workshops that make paper corners, which are small and profitable family sidelines. After school, children sell paper corners to earn tuition fees and help their families. It is a very convenient way of work study

before the founding of the people's Republic of China, the paper corners were all made of old newspapers and books recycled by bribers. It was not important to pay attention to whether the paper was clean. Everything was wrapped in the same paper corner, so the things that were directly imported, such as sugar, salt, pickles, etc., were very unsanitary. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, it was once stipulated that the corners and bags made of clean wrapping paper must be used for the packaging of food without outer packaging. The hygiene standard was raised to prevent food from being polluted by waste paper

For a long time, when merchants buy paper corner packaged food, they ostensibly give packaging to customers, increasing expenses. In fact, the wool comes from the sheep, and the merchants make money from it. A kilo of paper corner is only a few cents. After packaging the goods with paper corner and weighing them, the weight of paper corner is also calculated into the goods. The cost of customers buying paper corner is much higher than that of merchants buying paper corner. It helps printing enterprises improve their technology and quality, so merchants will not lose this money. Crafty merchants are more willing to use thick paper corner to package expensive goods, and when they use it as a bead, they can earn more

due to the close relationship between paper corners and people's lives, paper corner culture has also emerged. Many folk proverbs related to paper corners are vivid and widely spread

in order to facilitate the storage and access of paper corners and save the space for placing paper corners, merchants usually put the smaller paper corners into the larger paper corners, which is called the big paper corner and the thin paper corner. Li, a bamboo container for holding objects, is a noun and can also be used as a verb. It has the meaning of loading and releasing, as well as the meaning of trap, trap and deception, such as falling Li. Therefore, the sentence "big paper corner with thin paper corner" can be used to describe and compare some people cheating and bullying others. It is easy to understand, close to life, and is often used by the people in the market

there is also a Xiehouyu. It is also very popular to wrap Douchi in paper corners, which is salty and wet. Xianshi in Cantonese means that men are mean and obscene, and sexually harass women with words and actions. Use paper corners to pack Douchi, and soon the salt in it will penetrate into the paper, making the paper corners wet and salty, really salty and wet

now, the state has issued a plastic restriction order. When you buy fragmentary things in markets and stores, what should you use to pack them? I think paper corner is a good choice. It is as convenient as plastic bags, but it can be degraded, will not remain, and will not pollute the land; Using it, you can reuse waste paper such as books and magazines, and open up a way to help laid-off workers and the disabled. In fact, this is not the case. It can be said that you can kill several birds with one stone

after the plastic limit, we might as well let the paper corner return to the Jianghu, which is a good choice

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