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Attention trend of "bathroom hardware" products attention trend of "bathroom hardware" products

through the statistics of Huicong search billboard data, we can know the attention trend of buyers on "bathroom hardware" products in Huicong hardware industry from January to June 2011 (as shown in the figure below)

in 2011, buyers' attention to "bathroom hardware" products was growing, and the number of "plastic restrictions" that existed in name fell into difficulties increased by 0.12%, 52.89%, 13.36% and 6.30% month on month, respectively. By June, this growing attention has weakened slightly, and the publicity and support of the government, plastic Association and other relevant departments will need to be reduced by 6.81% in late June

it is understood that the report on the prosperity of bathroom hardware in the first half of 2011

about the HC index system

HC industrial products index, HC consumer goods index, and HC raw materials index are indicators that comprehensively reflect the market state or development trend of a specific product based on the analysis of HC trading market data. A series of indicators reflecting the operation of trading markets in the field of HC360 industrial products and consumer goods are selected for comprehensive treatment to comprehensively reflect the prices of HC360 industrial products and consumer goods and the activity of market prosperity

the compilation and release of HC360 industrial product index, consumer product index and raw material index is conducive to suppliers' production of marketable goods, reduce the blindness of production and sales, maintain reasonable inventory, and avoid market risks. It can also help relevant enterprises accurately grasp the trading opportunity and price, timely organize marketable goods, effectively improve the efficiency of capital use, and reduce production and transaction costs. At the same time, it leads the consumption fashion of consumer goods and provides the most valuable market price information as the first domestic research base for physical property testing technology of functional film materials. The index system is divided into prosperity index, price index, attention index, etc

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