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Plastic machinery enterprises should strengthen technological innovation to avoid price war

in July last year, the executive selle royal of the State Council increased the proportion of natural materials mixed in the new material corkgel to 20%. The meeting discussed and adopted the 12th Five Year Plan for energy conservation and emission reduction, which means that the position of green environmental protection in the new round of development is emphasized and strengthened again, which is the need for the transformation of the growth mode of domestic enterprises, It is also a new need for machines with different domestic economic development models to change their installation and commissioning according to the requirements of different manufacturers and with the consent of both parties. Only with high quality, low energy consumption and no pollution can they survive and develop in the increasingly fierce competition. Mr. Zhou Linshou, general manager of Wuxi Hongyi Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hongyi company), told the author that since this year, due to the impact of the global economic climate, the plastic machinery market has shown a certain degree of downturn, and the sales of Hongyi company in the first half of last year have also been significantly impacted, especially after entering June. President Zhou went on to say that, in fact, under the dual pressure of the external economic environment and market competition, many enterprises have fought price wars to obtain short-term benefits, and this practice will only accelerate the decline of enterprises, because enterprises cannot obtain funds to support technological innovation, talent cultivation and marketing without reasonable profits, gradually forming a vicious circle, Make the quality of products and services of enterprises go from bad to worse

Hongyi company has been committed to light industrial plastic machinery for 11 years, and has developed from a single product at the beginning of its establishment to more than 40 products in seven categories. President Zhou said that wood plastic is an environment-friendly profile that can replace logs and be applied to buildings and indoor and outdoor decoration. Its superior performance, social awareness of environmental protection and the support of national policies have made the market of wood plastic processing equipment in good condition. The environmental friendly wood plastic skinned foaming board production line with independent intellectual property rights is also the main product of Hongyi company. The structural performance of this series of production lines is at the leading level in China, It is widely praised by users at home and abroad. President Zhou said that at present, the competition in the whole plastic machinery industry is quite fierce, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, there are countless machinery factories of all sizes. Hongyi company has constantly explored innovative models, expanded market channels, concentrated on innovative products and technology research and development in the process of competition, and gradually formed its own advantageous products, such as large-scale plate production line, which has high configuration, superior quality and performance, compared with similar products in the market, It has stronger competitiveness. Although the price will be relatively higher, its cost performance is much higher than that of similar low-cost products in the market, and has been recognized by many customers. President Zhou said that at present, the domestic plastic machine market is full of homogeneous products, which inevitably fall into a price war, which is detrimental to the development of the entire industry. If enterprises want to avoid a price war, they can only differentiate products through technological innovation

for the next work, President Zhou said that good products and ideas should be passed on to more people. It is also Hongyi company's efforts to expand the use of plastic in the market. Through continuous efforts, Hongyi company is gradually expanding its new regional market. But at the same time, President Zhou also said that no matter how the market changes in the future, the basis for the survival and development of enterprises is unchanged, that is, advanced processing equipment, strong design and manufacturing technology, first-class process level, perfect testing instruments, and strict quality management system, while flexibly responding to changes in market demand. I deeply remember President Zhou's words that our equipment should be worthy of customers and ensure that customers use our equipment to produce high-quality products

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