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Shaanxi plastic knitting enterprises aim at the new business opportunities of QS

"we are applying for the food packaging production license (i.e. QS certification). After passing the examination and obtaining the certificate, the business scope of the enterprise will be expanded, and the sales revenue and economic benefits will also be significantly improved." On May 4, Qin Guo, general manager of Shaanxi Weihe Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., revealed to him that in order to seize the food packaging market, Weihe Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. is applying for a food packaging production license. At present, all the technical materials and facilities required for the license are ready, waiting for the superior technical supervision department to review and issue the license

it is understood that Weihe plastic industry company has a design capacity of 12million plastic woven bags per year. The company previously had a relatively perfect quality management system, and took the lead in passing the ISO9001 international quality system certification among plastic weaving enterprises in Shaanxi Province, and obtained the "production license for export packaging" issued by Shaanxi import and export inspection and Quarantine Bureau. This year, the company plans to increase its production capacity to 18million pieces/year through capacity expansion and technological transformation. How to release the suddenly increased 1/3 capacity? How to realize the synchronous improvement of economic benefits and production scale? After full research, they decided to enter the field of food packaging that they had never been involved in before

"food packaging has stricter requirements on enterprise management level, product quality, on-site hygiene and daily management. Since 2006, license management has been implemented, and a considerable number of enterprises have withdrawn from this field because they fail to meet the requirements, which also provides us with a rare opportunity to enter." Qin Guo said

in fact, at present, Weihe plastic company is far more interested in QS certification, and QS certification has been paid more and more attention by plastic weaving enterprises. According to Wang Qijun, chief engineer of the Light Industry Department of Xi'an Quality Inspection Institute, the designated inspection unit of QS certified products in Shaanxi Province, nearly 20 plastic weaving enterprises, including Xi'an Jiemei plastic knitting factory, Shaanxi Xinghua group labor service company knitting factory, Shaanxi Huaxian Xinyuan Plastic Knitting Co., Ltd. and Qishan Jinwei plastic Industry Co., Ltd., have applied for QS certification since March this year. "This data is equivalent to 3.5 times the total number of plastic weaving enterprises applying for QS certification in the province in the previous three years." The biggest 'new energy' should be energy conservation, said Wang Qijun

"since this year, enterprises have applied for QS certification almost every day. From data review to on-site review, and then to evaluation and certification, we are almost too busy. Among them, the number of plastic packaging enterprises, especially plastic weaving enterprises, applying for QS certification has doubled." Zheng Gong, the food department of Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, was busy reviewing the data and said to him

"the reason why we want to apply for QS certification this year is that since the second half of last year, the downstream demand has continued to shrink, exposing the disadvantages of low access threshold, overcapacity and fierce competition in the plastic weaving industry. Especially in the first quarter of this year, both product sales and total profits fell sharply year-on-year. In contrast to the thin profits of ordinary packaging, customers who come to buy food packaging have increased "As there will always be a reduction in demand for new and good products, the price given is also very reasonable. Since the state investigated and dealt with enterprises without QS license in August 2007, many unlicensed enterprises have been cleared out of the food packaging market, resulting in the food packaging from the past oversupply and demand to the basic balance of supply and demand, local production is insufficient, and the price of related products is high and profitable. In order to seize this market as soon as possible and create new profit growth points for enterprises, we decided to invest Human and material resources to enter the food packaging market. " Yang Huidong, the director of Xi'an Jiemei woven bag factory, is very optimistic about the business opportunities brought by QS certification for enterprises

Yang Huidong's idea has been realized in Shaanxi Jingyang Huafeng plastic weaving company. The person in charge of the company told that Huafeng company was the first enterprise to apply for food packaging production license in Shaanxi Province, and it is also one of the four licensed plastic weaving enterprises in Shaanxi Province. In order to obtain the QS certificate, they resolutely invested tens of thousands of yuan in certification under the condition of very tight funds at that time

"now it seems that these inputs are worth it." The person in charge said. After the quality inspection department investigated and dealt with the relevant enterprises without certificates, the original number of more than 30 plastic weaving enterprises engaged in food packaging in Shaanxi Province fell sharply to 6, providing rare business opportunities for certified enterprises including Huafeng. Taking the first quarter of this year as an example, under the condition that the sales volume, sales revenue and profit of ordinary plastic packaging decreased significantly year-on-year and relevant enterprises were unable to sustain, the production, sales and profit of licensed enterprises such as Huafeng increased by more than 20%

Wang Qijun, chief engineer of the Light Industry Department of Xi'an Institute of quality inspection, views QS certification from a higher perspective: "The benefits of QS certification for enterprises are far more than these. The four enterprises that have obtained the certificate and the nearly 20 plastic weaving enterprises that are applying for examination are all large and medium-sized plastic weaving enterprises in the province. After the market access talks, they often lose out to the small workshop enterprises with low cost and low product price in the ordinary packaging market with low threshold and disordered competition. After the QS certification improves the industry access threshold, many small and medium-sized enterprises that do not meet the requirements will It will fade out of the food packaging market, free up more market share and development space for advantageous enterprises, and form a competitive pattern in which the strong are always strong. This is not only conducive to the development of large and powerful enterprises, but also will promote the sustainable and healthy development of PolyOne's marketing flex in the entire packaging industry, including plastic woven bags, at the end of 2012. "

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