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China's plastic machine market is undergoing regional changes

insiders predict that the main consumer market of plastic machines, injection molding machines have a large sales volume in the south, and gradually spread to the north of China; Film mulching machines are mainly concentrated in Shandong, Hebei and inland water shortage areas; Calenders are concentrated in Foshan, Guangdong. In fact, this is related to the level of economic development in China. The more developed regions, the stronger the demand for plastic machines, the higher the required product grade, the more comprehensive the variety, and the users of plastic machines often spread in a carpet way

at present, most of the other machinery processing enterprises have poor benefits, but the plastic machinery has developed rapidly, and many enterprises that used to produce machine tools and military products have also begun to produce plastic machinery. Coupled with the rapid development of emerging individual and collective enterprises of plastic machinery, there is mainly a price war in ordinary plastic machinery. The development of each new product is of high added value at the beginning, and similar products will come out in less than a year, The price drops, but ultimately it is the quality that determines the price, and the service that determines the user. In the future plastic machine market, it is mainly the competition of quality and service

from the analysis of the number of plastic machine products, it is estimated that there will be 75000 and 100000 in 2005 and 2010 respectively. Among them, injection molding machines account for about 35%, extrusion units account for about 25%, hollow molding machines account for about 5%, and other plastic machines account for about 35%

although the number of Sino foreign joint ventures in the industry is small, they have strong competitive strength. The total industrial output value of Sino foreign joint ventures accounts for more than 30% of the whole industry. Among the top 10 enterprises in the industry, Sino foreign joint ventures account for 5-6. The enterprises affiliated to the former Ministry of machinery industry are weak in the plastic machinery industry, and the total industrial output value accounts for about 20% of the whole industry

in terms of product export volume, injection molding machines account for 60.4%, extrusion units account for 6.8%, hollow molding machines account for 11.7%, and other plastic machinery account for 21.1%. From the perspective of foreign exchange earning through product export, injection molding machines account for 74.1%, extrusion units account for 81%, hollow molding machines account for 8.0%, and other plastic machinery account for 9.8%. According to the sensitivity of encoder, we can see that there is also a gap between the quality of our vacuum heat insulation board and that of foreign countries. Urethane accounts for about 20% of automotive materials in various countries, and injection molding machines account for a large proportion of plastic machine products that can enter the international market

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