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Plastic machine manufacturers are keen on energy-saving machines

npe2009 may become the greenest NPE exhibition in history. In response to the desire of processing enterprises to reduce excess costs, we may be able to adjust some materials that constitute the internal structure of aircraft. Machinery manufacturers all take improving energy efficiency and energy conservation as their selling points

Officials from major injection molding machine manufacturers said that the deterioration of the economic environment is prompting processing enterprises to change their ideas. Another driving factor is President Obama's ambitious goal of making the United States a pioneer in green technology

in the United States, New England and California have high elongation of electric power, such as polymer materials, and the cost has always been the highest, so the processing enterprises in these regions are very concerned about the power consumption of their own machinery. Electricity tariffs in the Midwest industrial areas of the United States, which rely mainly on coal-fired power plants, are cheaper. However, this situation may change because the government has listed carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas management category, which may push up the price of coal-fired power generation

the scene was in full swing. On April 17, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that carbon dioxide and several other greenhouse gases were listed as substances that have serious damage to public health. U.S. President Barack Obama has proposed to establish an open market through the total amount control and emission trading system for enterprises to buy and sell emission quotas

energy has become a top priority for the U.S. government. Similarly, it will become a major theme of the NPE exhibition held at the McCormick Exhibition Center in Chicago, Illinois, in June

even so, many plastic processing enterprises have always regarded energy as a fuzzy point in management costs. Phenolic foam from ubemakin has many advantages: (1) thermal conductivity 1 is generally 0.02 ~ 0.04w/mkeryinc Davidbernardi of the company (booth number s32039) calls it an energy psychological phenomenon. Processing enterprises will examine the cost of resin, labor and purchased parts in detail, but greatly ignore the energy cost as a separate cost category. They just pay the electricity bill mechanically once a month. But Bernardi and other machinery industry officials said molders were paying more attention to energy use. Most entrepreneurs expect that in the long run, energy prices will only develop in one direction

Bernardi, senior sales and marketing manager of UBE, headquartered in annarbor, Michigan, said: in the future, energy costs will not fall. This part of the cost will only continue to increase, and you can't eliminate it

headquartered in negribossiusainc, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, USA Billduff, the national sales manager of the company (booth number s50020), said: [energy] is crucial for some parts of the United States. However, I think the whole industry has realized that the energy cost will only be higher and higher in the future. The Janus machine that negribossi will launch on NPE is a hybrid machine, which is equipped with an energy regeneration system that will power Wittmann battenfeldinc, headquartered in Torrington, Conn., when the fixture slows down each cycle Davidpurcell, the injection molding machinery manager of the company (booth number S42000), said that energy conservation is an important topic in the plastic industry at present

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